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Friday, July 2nd, 2004

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Email clients
I am away from my Linux box so I can't test much, but I need to find a Linux email client that can do address completion. You know, so that when you start typing an email address in the TO field it suggests an address out of your address book. Is there one? I cannot remember if Evolution does this.

Also, is there a client that can do rules/filters based on the extension of files? So that I can, say, delete all emails that have an .exe? (I know I can set something up with procmail, but I'm looking for something that somebody like my mom could do on their own with ease).

Thanks for any suggestions! :)
mounting a *.dmg file in CLI
how do you mount a *.dmg file in the command line?
Slackware maybe?
Well after thinking I'd end up with Fedora or Mandrake, I came across this article!

Who knows now? LOL


Current Mood: curious
/dev/dsp question
Hey kids, anyone know of an application that will record streams directly from /dev/dsp to a valid sound format (wav, au, etc)? I would like this to be from CLI if at all possible.

After doing a little looking on Google I found vsound but would like to see what other options there may be.

Thanks for any help in advance!

Current Mood: bored

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