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Thursday, July 1st, 2004

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More networking woes
Some of you may remember my last post regarding my dying network card. Turns out the card wasn’t the problem! I bought a new Linksys card, which worked fine for a while, but then the problem reared its ugly head again after a day or so. Just when I was about to remove the card from my system and take it back to the shop, I decided to try another round of troubleshooting. Connected the Ethernet cable to my laptop, and lo and behold, same problem! Tried a couple different cables, moved them back and forth between the machines, and still nothing. Then I turned my focus to the router, a D-Link DI-713P. It was at this point that I realized that the link status lights (which are supposed to be solid when the link is up and idle, flashing at a moderate rate when active, off when the machine is off) were rapidly blinking on and off! In fact, they continued to blink on and off even when the computer was off, and they only turned off when I disconnected the cable.

I remembered fluke‘s suggestion and disabled automatic link speed detection. This seems to have fixed the problem—but it’s more of a temporary fix, since I can only connect at 10 Mbps. Not so good, since I use this desktop system as a file server. I transfer raw audio files between my machines (700 MB+ a pop), and the difference in speed is painfully obvious.

Anyway, the question: what are your favorite 802.11b (or g) home/small-office class wireless routers? I’m looking to spend no more than US$100 ideally, but I’m willing to pay a bit more if it means that I’m getting something quality. Naturally, Linux compatibility is a plus (not that this is a big deal usually). Thanks for your input!
What's yer fave (or the best) distro?
I'm sure this has come up here many times (I'm new to this community) but I was wondering what everyone's fave distro is?  I'm about to start using Linux again (dual boot w/Win2k) after a 4 year hiatus.  I've tried Mandrake, SuSE and  Red Hat in the past.     I liked Mandrake best but now it seems they are getting a bit obnoxious with  trying to sell you a distrobution on thier web site. Yes I know you can still d/l for free.....

I think I'd maybe like to try something different as well

I've been looking  @ the latest Mandrake, Fedora an Debian so far. I can't make up my mind.

Your thoughts?


Current Mood: contemplative
linux on apple
I ask this in all fairness, if you haven't used OSX and haven't done this, please just... i dunno, be quiet.

Am about to get an iBook in the next month or two.

how does linux on an apple architecture stack up performance/usability-wise against OSX on the same hardware? I run them both at home, but neither on the same hardware. On this new machine i'm considering dual booting just to do it, but truth is i dig OSX... ALOT. In fact its probably WHY i'm doing linux now. I became an OSX convert after being a PC guy for years and years, and it was its unix/BSD core that did it for me.

Meta and Ben I guess I'm talking mostly to y'all but anyone with experience, please feel free to pipe up. Whats the performance difference if any, and is there REALLY any benefit to running linux over OSX on an ibook?

I think about the only thing I don't like about the ibook is i haven't found a way to incorporate it into my distcc farm efficently.


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