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Sunday, June 27th, 2004

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KDE Messing up my sound?
I have a Fedora Core 2 box at work that has VIA on-board audio that I can't seem to get to work. I know all about ALSA and audio levels etc, but I can't for the life of me get audio under KDE to work.

The strange thing is if I boot the box into runlevel 3 and use mpg321 to play an MP3 it works just fine. In fact if I got into runlevel 5 and load Gnome instead of KDE audio still works. As soon as I boot into KDE sound get hosed up and nothing will play. No error message, just no sound from the speakers. I've tripple checked the volume levels and still no luck.

Logic would dictate that arts is just causing some strange problem, so I disabled arts all together and still no sound. While sound is supposedly playing if I turn up the volume I can hear a pop every so often that's no there when sound isn't playing, but that's the most I get. There is no: artsd, esd, esound, etc daemons running. Sound just refuses to work in KDE. In fact if I boot into Gnome, play sound (it works), then boot into KDE with broken sound and go back into Gnome it's stays hosed. KDE is doing something funky to the soundcard. After loading KDE the only way to get sound working again is to reboot (not even runlevel 1 fixes the problem).

So basically sound is working fine everywhere except the place that I need it! I've tried different kernels, as well the new KDe 3.2.3 thinking it was KDE. No luck? Anyone have any ideas?
anybody know of a good spider solitaire game? i really liked the patience game that came with mandrake, but i cant find it anywhere.

Remote Desktop options: xclient? VNC? others?
I am looking for ways to connect to my Linux server remotely. At the moment, security is not an "issue", as I'll be connecting on my own LAN inside a firewall. Basically, I am recovering from a hernia and cannot get up. However, I have an iBook I can use from bed. I'd like to work on some things on my server, but not everything I want to do I can do through ssh. There are some GUI applications I'd like to run as well. I run Mandrake 9.2.

I've heard of people connecting through ssh with xclients but I could not google anything that was very helpful. Also, since I know it's not the only way, I wanted to ask your opinions. Are there easier ways? How about VNC? Does anybody out there do the same, do remote desktop connections to Linux from OS X?

While I am comfortable with Linux in many ways, this is an area I am completely ignorant about, so I appreciate your help. :)
linux + recording studio
a friend and i are starting a recording studio in the spring, and i'd really like to use linux and opensource recording apps... but, i have a few questions...

first, i've got an M-Audio Delta-44 soundcard/interface, which works with windows (well, i'm working on getting it to work with windows), and i need to make sure it'll run perfectly in linux...

i want to be able to, in the beginning, have an easy to use open-source multi-track recording program, similar to sony vegas or logic... i've been using "audacity" on all 3 platforms (linux, mac, and windows), and i've found it to be very useful, and almost identical to sonic foundry's sound forge app, so i'll probably continue to use it...

we're going to be recording mostly rock bands, so we need something that's very adaptable/versatile... eventually i'll have a 12channel mixer and some nicer mics (all we've got now are a few half-way decent dynamic mics)...

so, basically i need help with the best hardware setup, and with finding an all-inclusive, easy to use multi-track recording application...

i'm running mandrake (and would prefer to continue doing so) on my homebuilt machine: athlon xp 1800+, 512 ddr333 ram, msi kt4ultra motherboard, 128mb ati9000pro graphics card, 80gb hd (we'll be using my old pc as a fileserver to store things with a couple 250gb hd's), etc...

thank you in advance for help, ideas, advice, and overall input... i'm so excited to start this studio, but i'm new to pro-audio hardware, and i'd really rather run linux over windows...


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