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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004

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Do any of you know a reason that a DSL connection would work in Redhat 9 but not in Fedora Core 2?

I installed a machine with FC2 and it would not get an IP from the DHCP server. When I put in a static IP it would ping both the loopback and the static IP, but not the gateway. when I run route, the route looks correct.

I then loaded RH9 and it system works fine.

Any ideas or suggestions?
I thought I saw this before, but does anyone know of a good and freeware Xclient for XP?
omar's tales of apache/hosts
hi everyone,
i'm still sort of new to linux, i run collegelinux for a webserver in my basement.
for some reason, apache refuses to start now. firstly, i had a problem with hosts. I wanted to be able to access my webserver from inside my network from it's outside network name. From within, it's assigned to but from the outside, it is identified as omarb.dyndns.org:81. I changed something in hosts and tried to make it refer to itself as omarb.dyndns.org, but it stopped identifying itself as localhost. as of now, my /etc/hosts reads the following:

# For loopbacking.
# End of hosts.

I became desperate and removed apache and then reinstalled it from the slapt-get repositry. for some reason, all my applications cannot identify the machine as localhost or, but i can ping both of them. If anyone needs to see my httpd.conf, it's right here:

So I think the problem is mainly with hosts, and once the machine can identify itself as localhost/, all will be fine and apache will see itself and probably be able to start. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Wow, that was easier than I thought, I just renamed the machine and it works now.

Thanks for your help!
new email clients
Don’t you hate it when you are configuring an email client on a seperate machine (like a laptop) and you forget to unckeck that little box that says “remove messages on server when recieved after 0 days”, then go to populate your new email client and find that you’ve managed to wipe your server of all email messages.

Yeah, good times.

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