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Monday, June 21st, 2004

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I got a laptop that the cd rom is busted, but it has PXE support. is there anyway I can get it somehow share the files of the cd rom on a directory in my webserver and somehow get the computer on the network through DOS so I can read those files and get the install running? I have the "realtek rtl8139 family pci fast ethernet nic"
file transfer problem
Anyone have a brief thought here to let me know whether or not I'm barking up the wrong tree? I'm transfering files from my old windows (200 pro) to my new (not that new, but preupgrade) linux machine running redhat 9.0. I've got them connected with a hub and I can see the shared printer on both (it's hooked up to the windows machine). Does that mean I just need to set the windows folders to share with all and I'm good? Or do i need to set up a sharing password of some sort on the windows machine that I can make nautilus prompt me for? Am I barking up the wrong tree all together?

I hate when basic seeming things like this stump me because a) I've never played with them and b) I'm not really into networking at all. Oh well.


Current Mood: confused
mebbe someone here can help me with this little problem.

as root, i can access /mnt/data (hdb1, fat32 partition) just fine, but as myself when i try to access /mnt/data it tells me permission denied. i know that fat32 doesnt support permissions, but the /mnt/data folder obviously does. hmm. i got it to let me access /mnt/data at some point (forgot how) but when i did, everything on the drive came up as individual files, even directories.

any help would be appreciated :)

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