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Sunday, June 20th, 2004

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Smartphone Interaction
Just wondering - I've got a Motorola MPx200 cell phone. Yeah, runs Windows Smartphone 2002.

Is there any other programs other than Outlook that would be compatible with my phone for setting up appointments, and contacts?

Or better yet, is there a way to get some other operating system on this cell phone?
Cool things you and a PDA can do
I'm having some people over today, and we'll be hanging out on a level of the house that doesn't have a sound system. Solution?

Put my WiFi card into my SL-5500 (Linux PDA known as the Zaurus)
Run the Zaurus off A/C power, run my Altec-Lansing speakers off the Zaurus
NFS mount all my PC's music to the Zaurus

That's gotta be the coolest use for my WiFi card I've come up with yet :D I just love the things I can do with Linux ... possiblities are endless

Current Mood: chipper
Did I hose X with my alsa update?
I hope you guys don't mind, but I'm crossposting this from linuxnewbies.

I've been playing with Slack 9.1, and on installation, my wheel mouse didn't scroll and Alsa didn't find my Audigy sound card. First I fixed the wheel mouse by editing in a line for ZAxisMapping. It didn't work to stick it into xorg.conf, so I also dropped the same code into XF86Config, XF86Config-vesa, and XV86Config-fbdev. Messy, but it worked.

Then I decided to upgrade Alsa and see if it would recognize the sound card, but I installed the wrong version of the alsa-drivers package. I thought I fixed that by installing the right version over it, but... Now X doesn't work. It just keeps restarting until a warning message comes up, and then X keeps restarting until I kill it.

XFree86.0.log says it's using the vesa file, so that's the one I'll post.

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