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Saturday, June 19th, 2004

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Let me preface this by making it clear that I am not a Linux expert- or even a computer expert, for that matter. My boyfriend bought himself Fedora Core 1 and then gave it to me to install on my own computer. He thought I'd like it better than Windows (I do!).

I tried installing a couple games (Age of Empires II, The Sims, Unreal Tournament) and nothing worked. Linux said it doesn't know how to run/open setup.exe or something. I tried Googling this, but all I got was special Linux versions of some of the games that you can buy.

I don't have a Windows partition. Could I use something like WINE to install the games? Or is there some other way to make them work?

Again, if these are stupid questions, spare me the "walk before you run" speech. Nobody is inherently proficient with Linux; I'm trying my best.

ion wm
I just started using the Ion window manager. I love it so far, and I've played with it enough so I don't need to consult the manual page or check my key bindings periodically.
I'm having one problem with it though. When I switch desktops, it doesn't highlight the tab for the client that has focus. I'd really like to fix this, because it has two downsides. The first is obvious, I can't tell which has focus. The second is that if I then go to switch desktops again, I have to re-focus the already focused client in order to type in the desktop query prompt.
Any help would be appreciated, I haven't been able to find anything about this so far.
Network card recommendations?
I have a desktop system that dual-boots Debian unstable and Windows XP. Lately, when cold booting into either OS, I can’t seem to get an IP from the DHCP server (a.k.a. my router). Rebooting helps, but then my download speed is abysmally slow. I ran the Broadband Reports Speed Test in both operating systems and got the same figures both times—91k download, 116k upload. Running the same test on my laptop, I got 653k/116k, which is much closer to my ISP’s claim of 768k/128k. Tried changing network cables and plugging into a different port on the router, but this had no effect. Long story short, I think my desktop system’s network card is fast approaching death.

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you had specific make/model recommendations for 10/100 PCI network adapters. The current adapter, in case you’re wondering, is branded Belkin and appears to be based on a Realtek RTL8139 chipset. I know that I can pretty much grab any old card off the shelf and have it work with Windows, but I was wondering if there were any models in particular that are known to play particularly well with Linux. (Alternatively, are there any cards I should avoid? Alternate solutions to the slow download problem are also welcomed.)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Update: I just bought a Linksys 100TX, and it seems to be working just fine. I just have to get around to updating my kernel (which I’ve been meaning to do anyway). Thanks everyone!

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