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Friday, June 18th, 2004

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SCO makes SD Times 100
It looks like the SCO Group has been named to the SD Times 100 as the top "Influencer" of the past year because of their pervasive influence on the software development industry. It seems to be something of a backhanded compliment, however, as in the explication of the SCO award the SD Times staff referred to their litigious campaigns using the words "fear, uncertainty and doubt." SCO, of course, blithely proclaimed their pride at being named to the SD Times 100 with references to their supposed software development innovations, as though that were the core of the reasoning behind their inclusion in the list.

More here, in an article about the matter at @political, where links to the SD Times 100 list and the SCO press release can be found.
ways to make gentoo install faster
drink beer

that is all.

i'm trying to cluster multiple computers to make a md5 hash cracking monster. any suggestions on md5 crackers? haven't found any good ones for linux. the one's i've found for windows are simple and fast, are there any ones for linux like that?

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