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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

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naming conventions
Among other references, RFC 1912 and 1537 state that should resolve to localhost., and localhost. should resolve to It also specifically states that localhost.my.dom.ain type convention is generally recommended against.

It's not a general description. "localhost", by itself, as a real name, should always resolve to, not "localhost.localdomain" and not "loopback".

Please make sure to follow these conventions when building systems and making prepackaged distributions.
Linux bug?

I have two redundant fileservers mounted as /fs1 and /fs2. I have a symbolic link of /fs pointing to one of them (in this case /fs1. I have a script that if the filesystem the link is pointing at should go down, it will remve the symbolic link and point it at the other drive.

The weird thing is, if I try to remove the symbolic link it locks up, like it is trying to stat the drive the link is currently pointing at. As I understand, a synbolic link is just pointer, so removing the link should never effect what it points at. It should only stat the target of the link if I try t go through the link.

If this is the case, why is this timing out. I've tried rm'ing the link and doing an "ln -sf" over the link.

To recap, /web is a symbolic link to /fs1 which is an nfs mount. If /fs1 goes down, suddenly I can not remove or overwrite the symbolic link on the local filesystem.

sorry for my very bad english, i hope you can understand me.

I'm happy to have an EPIA-V 10000 motherboard and I'm trying to enable TV-OUT
in order to get a picture on my TV. At moment i still don't know how it exactlly works.
The matherboatrd has on board the thrident CyberBlade chip. If I switch TV on and
computer is starting up, then probably the chip detects TV on output an switches TVOUT on.

But later the kernel switches FB on and the picture is moving slowly over the TV.
I think the vertical sync is wrong. I tried to change vsync by means of fbset,
but it seems to be not working. FBSET touches only VGA output.

Does anybody know any other ways how to control TV OUT vt1621 chip? I found epiafb project
and tvout tool, but it does not woriking with kernel 2.6. May be some time i will try to compile it with 2.6, but currently i'm looking for an easy way.


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