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Saturday, June 12th, 2004

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Getting to Command Prompt
Wow... I'm feeling less and less experienced all the time, but I haven't used a GUI based Linux box in awhile.

How do I completely get out of X and into a simple CLI in Fedora Core 2?


Thanks, "init 3" worked perfectly, however, I the reason that I was doing this was to install the nVidia Linux Graphics Driver. I'm running the version of x.org that comes with Fedora Core 2. When my system reboots, all I get it a blank screen. It does not complain about X not starting successfully or anything like that... (I'm not having a problem getting the system to a working state, I just would like to have some OpenGL support...)
I was configuring a 2.6 kernel the other day and came across this note in the RAID6 explanation:

"config MD_RAID6:

WARNING: RAID-6 is currently highly experimental. If you use it, there is
no guarantee whatsoever that it won't destroy your data, eat your disk
drives, insult your mother, or re-appoint George W. Bush."
Does anybody know how to sync the iPod's calender with Korganizer?
2.6 sound problems
Hey, im having massive problems getting sound working in the 2.6 kernel. Both of my computers running gentoo just won't produce sound. If I rollback to the 2.4.25 kernel, modprobe the same drivers (emu10k1 for the desktop nm256 for the laptop) it works like a charm.

I have alsa built into the kernel, and the thing that really bugs me is I'll go into proc and everything will be screaming that i've done everything correctly. But no sound.

Any help?
cd ripping problems
This is just an FYI for all the folks:

I have a modern DVD-RW drive that supports all the happy DMA modes and all that.

However, after some amount of time, I get the message:

cdrom: dropping to single frame dma

and after that, all it does is rip the correct amount of dead air. Now, this gives REALLY good OGG compression, but leads to decidedly uninteresting songs. Turning off dma with hdparm doesn't do any good.

Anyway, checking the kernel mailing lists shows that other folks are having this trouble too. Right now, I'm using 2.6.5. I'll upgrade to the latest kernel and see if it fixes it. If anyone has ideas, please post, and I'll post anything I find.

Update: Judging by the LKML, this is still broken in 2.6.6, so I'm not going to bother to install it. It seems to be a problem on UDMA(33) drives, but not on older PIO and DMA drives. So, the choices are:
1.) Use an older drive
2.) Use SCSI emulation mode

I think I'm going to go with (1), and put my spare 2 year old Philips CD-RW in the box. The non-working drive in question is a new Toshiba DVD-RW.

Bear in mind, that the only thing not working is CDDA ripping. Data ripping, data copying, CD/DVD burning all work. I don't know about DVD movie playback - haven't tried that on this box yet.

Update to the Update: Okay, so nothing worked. I've tried 2 different CD drives. I've chosen the "Enable DMA only for disks" option (no luck, does the same thing). I've tried using ide-scsi (the old way of doing it), and it complains about irq timeouts and then the whole box locks up. I wonder if it has more to do with the chipset than anything else. I'll probably do some more research on it once the kernel hackers have more time to work on it, and in the meantime, I'll rip on my laptop. It's slower, but it works.
Does this work under LINUX ?

Suggestions on better ones appreciated muchly.

BTW, I found this on PalmOne's (www.palmone.com) recommended bluetooth devices !


Current Mood: Palm Palm Palm Palm Palm Palm Palm Palm Palm Palm Palm Palm !
Hey all. This is a question for my fiance. He has a Sony Vaio PCG-Z505LS laptop (pIII 700, 20gb, 256mb) that he wants to get linux on, preferably something based on Debian. Problem is, he has no CD-Rom, and the old VAIO won't boot from his 256mb USB stick. Any advice on which distro would be easiest to get up and running from a floppy boot followed by an FTP install or a USB stick install?

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