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Thursday, June 10th, 2004

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new window managers deserve new wallpapers.
oh yeah baby. sup3r k3wli3z.

I just switched to E (enlightenment for the non-linux users out there.) and damn is it sexy. no stupid bars or icons sucking up my valuable desktop real estate. So, I decided to make myself a nice little wallpaper to celebrate.

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[edited. fixed typo in the name of the wm in question.]

Current Mood: cheerful
A 'reluctant' Linux install method?
I've got a wreck of an old box I'm trying to put Linux onto right now, and it's giving me a bit of trouble.

The machine is an old Asus Socket 7 board with a K6-2 333 put in through an upgrade circuit (the K6-2 is supposed to be used on a Super 7 board) The processor has seen a _lot_ as it sat through the overheating death box my parents used to run (read: the chassis, which was plastic, radiated a lot of heat). On that note, never buy anything from Pine. The machine we got from them used a "derivative of ATX form factor" or so the manual claimed. Not standards based people.

In any case, to continue my yarn, this box is doing things it really isn't supposed to. The processor is 'too fast' for it, and may be friend. It is almost using the upper limit on RAM (96 out of 128mb), and I currently have old 3, 2 and 1 gig HDDs in there. All the equipment is of dubious status. The box doesn't have a working CD-ROM drive (I've tried two different drives and neither one seems to take at the BIOS level). Heck, the BIOS reports the CPU to a 80486DSX while Linux boot disks report otherwise.

After a lot of time with Tom's RTBT, I've got the drives partitioned the way I want. But installing onto this box is really, really difficult. I tried using SuSE FTP install because it didn't need a CD and didn't require compiling any source. After several no goes and a couple segfaults, it made it 63% of the way there and just stopped. It's sat like that for about a day now.

In any case - is there any way to get Linux onto this box without putting too much of a strain on her? Ideally, I'd just rip out her HDDs and use Yvonne (my main box) to install Demi (the other box), but neither machine has nice easy access HDDs. Are there methods of using a boot disk to NFS mount Demi's drives and then run the install system from Yvonne onto Demi? Or are there more stable, less demanding binary Linux install methods than SuSE's YaST? (I know source would eventually work, but this poor machine would take about a month do to that, and she couldn't outdo a wet paper bag on a stress test so I wouldn't be that trusting of the compiled code)

Of course I could just keep using Yvonne because I have no 'practical' purpose for Demi, but where's the fun in that? :P
Video Driver for Mobile ATI Radeon 9200
I just loaded up my new Sony VAIO PCG-V505EX with Fedora Core 2. It uses the new X.org GUI implementation... I would quite like to have OpenGL, etc support for my video card. However, ATI only offers RPM versions for XFree86.

What can I do to get some OpenGL support on this thing?

Also, has anyone else set one of these things up w/ Linux before... any advice?

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