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Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

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File tranfer question
Okay, a bit of background first. We already have an FTP server in place at work to receive customer files. Approximately 90% or greater of our clients send work to us using this machine, it's solid and I have no problems with it whatsoever.

Additionally, we just installed Debian on a Dec Alpha that's been gathering dust and set it up as a webserver. It's our intention to use it primarily for the company intranet and serve a few pages for PR and troubleshooting to the net.

The problem is, we already have an FTP server, I don't see the need to set up an additional FTP server on the Alpha just to upload webpages, etc. How should I go about setting up a file transfer mechanisim whereby my boss, who is not so *NIX inclined, can go about adding content to the webserver. I've thought of a couple of solutions.

A.) Find a windows ftp client that does sftp and set it up so he can transfer files that way. This is the method I'm leaning towards.

B.) Set up either a NFS or coda share on the Alpha, mount it from the FTP machine and set the FTP server to write to the share. I'm not so fond of this solution.

C.) No idea, which is why I'm asking this question here. Anybody have any constructive opinions, or other solutions?

P.S. The FTP server is inside my department LAN to make customer files available to our workflow, the webserver will be available to the entire company but outside that of each department to prevent external traffic from interferring with the day to day routine. It is not currently feasible to put both servers on one machine.

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desktop wallpapers
location for desktop wallpapers?
Hi all!

I have a question:

I have three computers.
One is a Imac 266- tiny hard drive, not much memory. What distro of Linux would you recommend? OS 8.6 is painfully ugly and awful, and I don't feel like trying to put OS X on it and update all the firmware.

Two is a 900 mhz G3 ibook. I'd like to run a LiveCD on this one, because I like Panther for the most part, but I'd like to be able to use Linux at will.

The third is a PC- a 2.6mhz Celeron. I've never been a Windows fan, and right now I'm running the newest distro of Mepis. Is there anything else out there that would wow me? Do you prefer anything else to Debian based?

I'm sort of new at all this, so if I butchered something or didn't understand, forgive me!

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