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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004

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DD an old 386 HD and me
Took it upon myself to rescue some data off an old 386 HD this weekend, however, only to find the drive's MBR record missing. Therefore, mount will not recognize the FAT16 formating of said drive. Mistaking the drive for another during an operating system install the MBR was overwritten, yet the data wasn't formated. After a quick "$ cat /dev/hdb ", all ascii data becomes readable on stdout - know that it is still intact. Anyone in the community have a similar experience on recovering data despite a missing MBR?

Oh, I only need the ascii data from the drive - only poetry is being recovered.
Windows boxen = 80% of spam
(crossposted from my personal journal


In a nutshell, virus/worm/trojan infected Windows machines are being used to spam people.

As I've said before - Windows represents a clear an present danger to the stability of the internet.

Oh, and I love this bit:

"As a complement to existing mail server and client based tools, service providers need to arm themselves with network-based anti-spam defences and combat this growing form of malicious traffic."
- Marc Morin, Sandvine (the guys who posted these numbers), quoted here.

Not anything akin to "we need to stop Windows Losers from getting their machines compromised" or anything like that.

Come on folks - these boxes are getting rooted and no one cares. It's like MS is completely off the hook here. WTF?

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