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Sunday, June 6th, 2004

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Anybody else find it annyoying that vendors don't support Linux more?

I am trying to find a Status Monitor for my Epson C60.  I found a program, mtink, that says it supports it, but when I am running through the setup, I try to init the program and get "LSB must be supported. Distribution too old !"  Any ideas on that?

Any other solutions out there for a Status Monitor?

Current Mood: annoyed
xfree86 help
I finally got xfree86 to run properly, but when it runs the X server, it shows it very small, in the center of the screen.
i have like 11 inches of width and 8 inches of height, and it only shows up to 5 or 6 width, and about 4 height, and the rest is just black. I tried adjusting the resolution, and setting DPI's in redhat-config-xfree86, but it says that I need to restart the X server and log out, I do so, I restart the whole computer, and nothing happens. No changes take effect. any help?
What _not_ to do with your Linux box :)
I just had an eventful (read: heart-attack) little upgrade! I decided to hop from 2.6.6-rc3 to 2.6.6. Sounds simple, right? Well, I accidentally wiped out my configs from the last kernel version. No biggy, I'll just redo them from memory, eh?


I have my /usr mounted on an ext3 partition on my 120gig drive. My OS partitions (all 4 of em) are on my 40gig drive. When I redid my kernel config, I decided that since the partitions on my 40gig are ReiserFS, that I'd make ext2 and ext3 modules. lsmod and modprobe are on my 120gig drive (the /usr partition).

Does anyone else see the fun inherent in this? ;)

In any case, I used Knoppix to rebuild the kernel, which failed anyways, so I stepped back to 2.6.5 and did several make mrpropers and rebuilds.

It works now, even if the nVidia module started going all flaky.

In any case, moral of the story is: Pay attention when you're playing with your kernel for pete's sake!

Next fun project: Putting GCC up to current version (I'm on 3.3.1) I bet that'll give me all _sorts_ of wonderful dependency problems :D

Current Mood: busy
AbiWord + Gnumeric + ??
[ X-Posted @ gentoo ]

Okay, I’m not what anyone would call a ‘Power-User’ of OO.o, so I decided to try AbiWord and Gnumeric, and I’ve come to learn that those things kick some serious butt and seem to stick with the *nix philosophy of “do one thing and do it REALLY WELL”. So I’m basically ready to ditch OO.o (at least for the time being), but I still cant find anything like AbiWord or Gnumeric that does presentations like OO.o Impress does. I’ve looked at Agnubis, but that project seems to be dead. Any suggestions?

(Sorry for the X-Post!)
DVD drive frustrations
Some starting information here.

I am running (for various reasons) a dual (Win2K, Debian Linux) boot laptop.

For some reason while my laptop has no problem seeing my dvd drive in Win2K it will NOT see my dvd drive even as a cd drive in my debian boot. Anybody got some suggestions as to how I can correct this problem?

Current Mood: frustrated

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