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Friday, June 4th, 2004

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Apache+php+sablotron config woes (x-posted)
Hello folks,

I have a web server conundrum for those of you who play with things like this. I currently only have internet access via the office as I'm between moving house and so I'm trying to recreate my web hosts (1&1) apache setup so I can continue to finish off a project I have been working on that requires php to have other libraries that are not included in the standard RH 9.0 install. They are sablotron, zlib, iconv, libxml and expat. If these libraries are included in the RH9 install, I haven't got a clue how to reconfigure the php build as I would assume it been installed via an rpm.

Anyway, using my own initiative I looked round the web for a point of reference to create my own apache setup, so I rebuilt my RH9 box so that no web stuff was included and I followed this tutorial and although I would assume it works for a whole load of people it fails for me when I try to configure the make file for php or run the make file. I get an 'error 1' and I think from memory it refers to either sablotron or zlib. From looking around on the web and stumbled across this chaps blog which leads me to think I might be using the wrong compiler?

So I would love it if some knowledgeable person could point out what I might be able to do to get xslt support in php on a RH box. Are there any rebuilt rpms avalible? Can you reconfigure the php rpm that ships with RH 9.0?


Does anyone know how to...

I have a HD with win98 on it and I want to get in.

I am booting in with Knoppix STD bootable and I can see the HD under /mnt/hda. I try and mount it but no go. It states that I don't know the correct file system type. I have tried auto|vfat|fat32|ntfs|fstab using bash command 'mount -t [auto..] /dev/hda /mnt/hda'.


I am a blundering idiot I know, but please help a nOOb soul.

Ken Brown replies to critics

I can't say this is much of a reply. He basically tries to restate his false claims. I really found it enjoyable in an amusing way.

Even in this reply he just uses a whole lot of FUD. This 'hybrid source' crap is amusing. What does it have to do with Linux? Linux doesn't have proprietary code.

All in all it's not very surprising. Brown basically blows all the claims by saying that everyone that objected is a "rabid pro-linux developer".

Just thought I'd share it. Hope you guys find it as amusing as I did. I would love to see someone string together a copy of this with footnotes of the people quoted saying how they are being taken out of context, or other random facts.
Shell scripts
I am trying to create a shell script that uses regexp to rename a directory full of files.

I am trying to accomplish two tasks.

1) Convert the entire filename to lowercase
2) Replace all spaces with underscores

I have very little experience writing my own scripts.

I am not sure if I can use just shell scripting with or without awk or if I have to get into Perl.

I'd appreciate any pointers.

EDIT: I found two bash scripts online that did the trick. If you are interested, let me know.

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