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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004

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I just installed linux on my dell inspiron 1100 and when I try to startx, it tells me it failed to load because "no screens were found" or something of the sort. I tried installing redhat linux 9. it works in console mode, just not with X
My laptop eats up battery time fast, currently with all the tweaks I can find I get just under 3 hours of battery time on a full charge. I am currently running Windows XP pro.
Although 3 hours isn’t too bad I’d like more time per charge.

If I ran Linux would I be able to squeeze out a bit more time? Has anyone had any success with a problem like this?
Bootable Linux
I really want to install Knoppix-STD onto a HDD and not run it off the CD. I have heard horror stories about installing a bootable.
Since it isn't an actual install distro I am wondering about issues I may run into.
The box is currently running win2k without a hitch.
The history and human compatability of Linux is intoxicating.
I was a windoes man, but now am found!!

'Windows keeps you with the masses, linux will keep you sane.'
NIS + su issues
(x-posted from linuxsupport, because a lot of the helpful folks here don't seem to read it and I've gotten no responses)

Okay, on my machines with a local /etc/group, su works fine (it's the classical "only members of wheel are allowed to su" type system). On my machines that are part of the NIS domain, it doesn't work. I get an "su: Permission denied". If I add the user who wants to su to the machine's local /etc/group, it works just fine. However, this does not represent an ideal solution, since I'd have to do this on all NIS clients, which is a pain (okay, not really, but it's still inelegant). If I comment out the pam_wheel line in /etc/pam.d/su, it works, but this is not ideal since I don't want everyone to be able to su. So, it's somehow related to pam dealing with the nis group list properly. On both systems (before I added it to the local /etc/group, of course), id reports the same thing:

uid=1000(matt) gid=1000 groups=10(wheel),18(audio),35(games),80(cdrw),100(users),1000


Followup I finally resolved this by adding an niswheel group on the nis server. The user list of niswheel is the same as wheel. Then, I changed the pam_wheel line in /etc/init.d/su to be:

auth required /lib/security/pam_wheel.so group=niswheel use_uid

This gave me the functionality that I wanted.

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