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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004

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Recommended Distro's
Hey all! I'm new here - as you may have gathered I am primarily a Mac OS X user however, I have an old Sony Vaio laying around that I wish to run Linux on.
I've tried Suse Linux 7.2 on my Mac which I like a lot... it's got all the things that I am familiar with on OS X and I like the idea of virtual desktops etc.

Anyway.. my question is:

What's the best distro to run on my run down Vaio? The specs:

  • 266Mhz Pentium Processor

  • 32mb RAM

  • 4GB of HD space

I take it Linux can run on basically anything, SuSe (too slow) and Redhat 9 is also too much for the little blighter to handle. So something light and slim.

I would like to have a GUI, and to do basic word processing/spreadsheet and maybe... maybe run the GIMP.
Internet access is going to be a no no.

Any recommendations?


Current Mood: geeky
POP3 server
on my mandrake 10 box, I am trying to establish a pop3 server using qpopper (connected to xinetd).

to test the config, I telnet to port 110. On the local machine it reports "connection closed by foreign host" and on a remote (with in the lan) machine, it says "connection to host lost."

these are reported even before prompting for a user name. Any ideas?

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