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Thursday, May 27th, 2004

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Rhythmbox (ver. 0.6.5-0)
i finally found an rpm of rhythmbox that actually installed without bugging me for updated packages (which i tried before with the newest version of rhythmbox, but ended up replacing so many packages that nautilus got botched)... and, i get this when i try to play a song...

anyone know what is happening or what i should do?

thanks in advance,

Current Mood: annoyed
here's a good one...while i'm at it:
i'm running mandrake 10 official, gnome 2.4, etc... on my mac ibook, when i close the display, or just specifically tell it to "sleep" - the machine stops the harddrive, turns the display off, and goes into "power save mode"... i used to do this with windows xp, but had nothing but problems when i tried to start it back up... basically, it's nice because it leaves all my programs/files/windows open that i'm working on, but it saves power when i'm asleep, at work, out, etc...

i don't see this option with mandrake, but i'm wondering if it's just something i'm not seeing, or if i need an app to do it, or if it's even possible...

does anyone know? i'd really like to do this.

thanks in advance,
Edit pdf documents under Linux?
Ok, I've tried Googling and not really got a good answer, though I suspect my search strategy is probably suboptimal (had a bad night last night and I feel like I'm trying to think through cotton wool at the moment).

I want to download somebody else's pdf document (specifically, a job application form), edit it, and then save/print it.

Any suggestions?

Current Mood: drained
Small contracting gigs available in Atlanta area
Hey everyone,

I don't know if this is approperiate or not to post here, but since this community is pretty cool I wanted to pop it out here. I can delete the post if it's inapproperiate, and I apoligize in advance if it is. I know that a few folks in this community have said that they are looking for jobs and/or internships.

Collapse )
Server Box domain
Is there a way to alter my subdomain (ie. subdomain.domain.com) without creating a nameserver? It seems to me that for my miniscule network creating the zones would be overkill.

The practical application is that I would like to ftp to my domain without involving “www.”

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