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Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

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KDE 3 in 128MB?
I picked up a second-hand laptop that has 128MB RAM.

Can I run KDE 3 in that amount of memory without swapping my poor harddrive to death? Or should I go with a lighter WM?

Current Mood: worried
Simple(?) question
Is there a good reason why multiple programs can't output sound to the same device at the same time without a userland sound manager? Why can't, if I cat two sound files to /dev/audio or wherever, the kernel mix them automatically? Is it difficult/impractical for a good reason, or has it just not been done?
sorry i am a newbie
i have been playing with linux on my computer, and i was having problems with it, now i finnaly got it to work, and i fucked up. i cant get back to windows now, anyone out there know how to fix GRUB and get me back into windows?

i am whitakerz on AIM if that helps you get in contact with me. i use ICQ, but i have no idea what my number is.

Current Mood: aggravated

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