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Monday, May 24th, 2004

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Are there any good guides out there you'd recommend for how to fine-tune a Linux kernel installation?

The kernel seems to have a bewildering number of options, and I'm not sure which ones I need or which ones don't even apply to me. I wish I could tell it, 'I have a laptop, so I don't have any PCI slots or any ISA slots or any way to add any hardware that's not in the machine right now, so YOU figure out what I need in the kernel.'

Edit: I agree with y'all that trial and error is a good way to learn how to tune the kernel; but I feel like I've reached a plateau in my trialing and erroring and I'd really like a good guide on the subject. Surely there's been something written about this, even if my googling can't find anything worthwhile?
Yak Farmers go WiFi
Ho-ly crap. And its running linux on solar powered repeaters strapped to trees...

openoffice.org: seagulls attack clippy
hey all,

i have created a community named openoffice, and (as you may guess) it is devoted to the openoffice.org suite of office productivity software. i started the community as a way for other users to share their tips, ideas, experiences, and suggestions. as someone who's starting to use it more and more, i figured that a user group like this may be of benefit.

feel free to join and share. also, i'm encouraging those who use openoffice.org software to add "seagulls attack clippy" to their user interests. :-) thanks, all.


p.s. i'm prolly going to be cross-posting this to a couple different linux and open-source related communities. please pardon this spam. i promise that it won't be repeated beyond this. thanks.
[OT] Web Design
Anyone know of any good forums / LJ communities related to web design?

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