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Saturday, May 22nd, 2004

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I need to buy a new mobo and processor, sugestions?
I need to buy a new mobo and processor, sugestions?

mobo + processor + video board = U$1000

Current Mood: calm
Me again
There must be something I am doing wrong. I just don't know what. I burned the SUSE Eval CD but just like when I improperly burned the file rather than the image, the PC booted into Windows rather than Linux.

The computer went to a black screen for about ten minutes this time, and spun the disc a while until i eventually stopped. The black screen remained fora little bit. The computer then went on to boot Windows ME (worst OS ever, by the way), and with an error message no less.

I'm losing my patience.

Perhaps it is because I am fairly knowledgeable about computers, but more. I am better than most computer users, and know more about them than most. However, I am no genius.

I find that in life, this is the worst situation to be in. When people are given a little bit of knowledge, they think they know everything, and usually end up messing up.

What I am tying to say is there is probably something stupid I am doing. Regardless, I will try the CD on a different Windows box and report my results.
A most likely stupud Linux question
On Windows, as I understand it, you need to defrag alot.
On Linux, I don't think there is even a defrag tool.

Besides the fact that "Linux is better" ;)... Why do you not need to defrag Linux filesystems?
A Secure System How-To
This document assumes you already have your system set up to send and receive mail locally therefore discussion of MTA's is beyond the scope of this document.

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I hope you all enjoyed this little Secure System How-To. Feel free to give feedback in comments. This document is protected under the GNU Free Documentation License.

edit: sorry about the formatting.

Current Mood: geeky
Can anyone recommend a good IDE for use under KDE? Preferable one for C, although python and perl would be a nice bonus.
Windows vs. Linux + Samba from the trenches
So, my girlfriend and I worked at a small company, which ran this fairly bad ERP software that basically shared files off a server that were accessed by clients as opposed to using a real database. But, it's what we used, so we dealt with it. When we redid the servers (went from a single 800MHz Athlon w/ a Raid 1 array to a dual Athlon 2600+ w/ a 360GB SATA Raid 5; about $3500) and the time needed to share files dropped dramatically. (We never benchmarked this - everyone just agreed that it was MUCH faster and MUCH more stable and reliable).

Then we get bought by a big company. They want to enforge their corporate standard - HP servers (dual Xeon's w/ U320 SCSI Raid 5) running Windows 2000. The problem is, they're not fast enough. Even with the antivirus software all turned off (the Linux boxen never had any), the tests still take twice as long. This has invoked a series of tests and time trials culminating in taking a decent spec workstation (high end P4), putting 2000 on it, and running the test. Then, she put Knoppix + samba 3.x on it. The result? On the same hardware, Linux takes half the time on this test.

So, all the benchmarks are right, it is that much faster. If we were doing a custom Gentoo box, it would likely be better.
SpamAssassin advanced setup questions
I have SpamAssassin (and Anomy) working with Postfix on Mandrake for the whole site/domain on a single server (single domain, no virtual domains). I am using spamc/spamd, although at first I was calling spamassassin as a script. Most the users never interface the Linux server directly, but rather check their email via POP on Windows machines. Everything is working great.

However, I want to be able to give the users their own whitelists, instead of using a single central one. The problem with having a central one is that I either have to A) Give the users access to the /etc/mail/spamassassin/local.cf or B) Have them send whitelist requests to me and enter them myself.

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