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Friday, May 14th, 2004

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Linux frustration
Ok so I'm not trying to do anything radical. At least I don't think so. I did some work for some one, and now I want to use GnuCash to send them a bill for it. So I started up GnuCash, I figure its a good way to keep the money in order, and I set up an account and get ready to write out a bill for 2000 NIS. I for the life of me can't figure out how to send a simple bill to my customer. I can I guess just send him a bill with pen and paper, and I'm thinking at this point it will take me less time.

I also have noticed that the user interface in gnucash sucks, for one thing the help doesn't. When I open it up it makes the window tiny so you can't see anything and half off screen. So before I get to the help I have to move and resize the window, then spend 10 minutes trying to find out how to do what I need, and when I find it its not helpful.

When I gave up and tried to quit it asks me if I want to save but gives me no clue as to what type of file(s) I should save in. What is the standard extention for gnucash? I sure as hell don't know.

I also need an application to track my hours, something that I can feed into gnucash would be nice

Current Mood: frustrated
This one has me _stumped_
and that's saying something.

I've never been a fan of web technologies and now I'm learning new ways to curse javascript for making it so bloody hard to get a simple web page.

I want to pull data out of a newspaper article on the Washington Post. I want to do it via some automatic means. I've been looking at using curl which works beautifully for the New York Times and the LA Times.

I've been trying this command line:

Collapse )

Alas. No luck. Anyone have a way of doing this successfully?
I recently did an intensive course on linux and they did a little bit of bash scripting. I didnt really learn much I didnt know, apart from how to finger people. However, I would like to

1)Say I have a command

route add default gw "$i" wlan0

or something similar (with the correct santax). How can I make sure the command has worked?
For example, if it hasnt, route tends to return "unknown host". Is there anyway of tracking this. I tried shoving it though grep, but the if command and an = dont seem to work well with grep and

if route add defaul gw "$i" wlan0 | grep "unknown host" then echo "uh-oh"

doesnt work. That is one thing I would really like to know how to do.

2) save the output of a command to a variable eg.

date +$d$m$y

so I can use it in my backup scripts to delete the old backups.

3)I want to do some intensive parsing of an output of a command, is is possible to check if say the first 3 characters are equal to something etc etc. I need this to check my WLAN configuration.

I guess this is all in the manuals (so please, no RTFM), but I did do a man on bash and there was nothing for parsing what a command outputs. Unfortunately, I dont have access to any books, as I'm not at home.
mp3 playback at lower speed
I'm looking for some program that can play back mp3s at a lower speed than normal. Preferably under GPL or freeware. It may run on a linux box, but would appreciate a Windows version better (some of my colleagues don't run linux).

Thing is that we have a listening exercise for our French final. The fragments are spoken way to fast to understand. -_-
I know it's a bit off-topic, but I thought that you guys surely would know such program.

Thx in advance...
cloaned mac...how?
Hi all. I recently attempted to get network bonding working on my machine, however I accidentally built it into the kernel instead of as a module. So I redid everything, and got it working.
Accept that I noticed that the Tulip driver found my Linksys card fine, however the mac address the driver reports to be correct is actually the Mac address of my 3Com-3C905. And the 3Com
retains its own mac address. The result is 2 nics with identical mac addresses. I've since upgraded to 2.6.6 and get the exact same behavior, which leads me to believe that the EEPROM on the
Linksys was somehow accessed. I can change the mac address to what its supposed to be using ifconfig, however the Tulip driver still reports the mac address of the 3Com. Does anyone know if
there is a jumper on the LNE100TXV4 that may allow me to reset the card? Thanks!

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