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Thursday, May 13th, 2004

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Macromedia's Flash plugin runs horribly slowly on Linux. Is there any way to optimize it? Is anyone working on an open source alternative that runs at a reasonable speed?

Edit: Problem solved.
Securing debian stable
I'm running a small apache webserver off a debian stable machine at home: I'm planning on opening it up to the outside world on port 80, so I want to make sure I don't have any big security holes in the box before I do. The three main services I run off of it are apache, ssh, and postgres. I want to be able to access apache and ssh from outside my home network - just wondering, are there any good faq's out there for securing a debian system?
Newbie here....
Ok, I'm in need of some assistance.  I recently broke a barrowed computer (IBM Thinkpad w/Win2k).  Basically, in effort to use to a network printer, I switched it from a domain to a workgroup.  Ended up locking myself out of the machine... none of my usernames or pswds work anymore.

A friend of mine loaned me Knoppix STD (on a CD) to get the system and SAM files off of the computer so I could brute-force them on another machine and get a legit username/pswd.  However, I'm fairly new to linux...

I can't find the Travelstar HD in /dev  ... I know that's where it should be, but as I said.. I'm new.  I find the shell a bit confusing... can't tell directories from files.  I assume the hd should appear as a directory?  When I open up a text editor and look in /dev/, the directories listed there do not seem to contain the files from the HD...

Does linux not recognize the NTFS format?  Is it because I'm booting from a CD?  Help?

EDIT: Fixed! Thanks for the help! :-D
Has anyone have any luck in installing linux on a COMPAQ Presario 1800 Laptop? I've tried fedora and rh9 and both error several times and when they finally did install they wouldn't load X it seemed. I would just get a blank screen with the X cursor and that's all or it would freeze during boot up. I tried Mandrake Move just to test the system and it was able to boot into it and loaded KDE but the computer did lock up a couple times.

Is there any other distro someone can suggest that might have better luck or they have had better luck, or am I doomed to just reinstalling XP back onto it? Thanks.
Mandrake 10.0 install trouble
Been a couple of days without any help on linuxnewbies community.

Thought I would post here in the hope of getting some help. Thanks


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