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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004

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Sony VAIO TR3A Notebook
Anyone out there own of these? How well does linux run on it?


Current Mood: good
So normally I don't get involved in OS religious wars, but disinformation (and hypocrisy,) bug me in particular.

Wasabi Systems makes various embedded tools and devices using NetBSD, which is fine by me, I use free and openBSD on several systems myself. What got me was these 2 pages:

This one, which trashes "Linux's GPL (General Public License)," and how dangerous it is to use. I noticed that they spin this statement to make it sound like the GPL is a Linux product.

I chalked this up to ignorance, until I saw a link on their site for WasabiGNU, their "certified and optimized version of the GNU toolchain." I didn't know there was a GNU certification process, but there might be.

I can see their logic if you're worrying about the GPL licenses forcing you to open source your code (although no one forces you to use GPL software,) and that the GPL products they tout can be used to develop closed-source software. It just bugs me that they're spreading the FUD with one hand, and benefitting from GNU/GPL'd codewith the other.
Mail Transport Agents
I'm thinking of moving away from sendmail as a MTA.
Any sugestions as to what is the best MTA to go to?
I need it to be able to do virtual aliasing like:

fred@domain1.com mailbox1
larry@domain2.com mailbox2
*@domain1.com mailbox3

and it would be nice to keep procmail for local delivery.

What MTA would be best?

Stay with Sendmail
- other:


Lindows should be renamed to Gates
Perhaps there is another solution: one Reg reader reckons the Linux company (LINSPIRE) should give up on Windows and call its software "Gates". We make no comment.


I <3 the register.

l337 hAx0r 4 evAr fo shizzle biznatch
At the suggestion of many, instead of using startx and the .xinitrc file, and I'm booting into a session manager I like - KDM.

Trying to figure out how to launch programs when I launch specific window managers. In the .xinitrc file i secified what bash commands I wanted executed at launch and voila it happened. KDM appears to not pay attention to the .xinitrc file at all. When I launch my window manager (fluxbox in particular) I'd like gkrellm, sylpheed and gaim to crank up as well as a few other scripts I have. Any idea where to specify? There appear to be no man pages for KDM.
Funnest site of the day..

It's not /directly/ linux related.. but eh it's hosted on linux, you should apperciate it.
Time tracking application
So I'm starting to work as a contractor doing a lot of small jobs. As such I need to track my time. Does anyone have a good application for Gnome or KDE that can do this. Something that will sit in the tray and just work without much hastle.

Current Mood: cheerful
I have a Linux related question, but it has nothing to do with troubleshooting or configuration.

I'm interested to know how many of my fellow Linux people actually have a job doing something with Linux? I know I would really love to get a Linux based admin job or something similar.

If you have a job dealing with Linux daily, could you tell me about it, and how you went about getting it? Also, if you have any Linux certs? If so, did that help you get the job?
Serial problems - UPS related.
Little problem here.

I had my APC UPS plugged into /dev/ttyS0. Everything worked fine. Then, I had to hook up an external modem. Due to some complications, it ended up being plugged into ttyS0 and ttyS1 during the course of the day. The modem has since been physically removed, and the device un-installed, first in 'neat' then by Kudzu during a boot up. Now, I plug the UPS back into either of the serial ports and I get nothing. No communication. Any idea of what the problem may be? Could the modem (or its ghost) somehow be hogging both ports? Or did it reset the speed of the serial port? If so, how the Hell do I set it back, and what the Hell should I set it back to?

All of this is happening on a RedHat 9 box with ssd 2.0 Beta 2 (which I have on another machine, identical to the one in question, and it's working flawlessly).


I'm doing something wrong with setserial. No changes I make seem to take effect.

Current Mood: exhausted
Xinerama in KDE
I'm sorry to be posting on here again - more KDE crap.
I'm trying to integrate KDE into my workflow since I have a machine that can handle it finally and unfortunatley have a bare minimum of time in which to do it so if I can knock out a few of the big issues while I can, I'd put me in a good position to knock out the rest later.

Hopefully this ones easy. How to enable xinerama in KDE? I even recompiled KDE with # USE="xinerama" emerge kde just to make sure that the xinerama use flag got used but that didn't appear to do the trick. It will display across monitors fine but won't recognize individual heads so everything pops up in between the two screens in the dead spot - very annoying. I go to the display manager and it doesn't recognize that I have multiple monitors even though it's obvious I do and so won't give me any configuration options. Other window managers don't seem to have a problem understanding that I have multiple monitors and assigns heads accordingly. This doesn't appear to be an issue with X, Xorg or my xorg.conf file since it only happens in KDE - QED I believe this to be a KDE configuration issue.


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