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Sunday, May 9th, 2004

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Ah, crap...
I just recently upgraded to Linux Mandrake 10 CE, and whilst my DVD-ROM has worked with all other versions of the distro, it's stopped working now. Actually it was okay for a while, but now I just can't get it to mount properly - I keep getting "device busy" messages. I've set it up with supermount like the CDRW I have on the same machine (different mount point obviously - the CDRW is /mnt/cdrom and the DVD is /mnt/cdrom2). Anyone got any ideas or has my hardware given up the ghost? I don't have windows on this box so can't test it with a different OS.
wlan issues
I'm running SuSE 9.0 Pro on a Toshiba laptop, the card is by Microsoft (Prism2). When I boot up wlan-pcmcia is set to hotplug, wlan0 is up with no ip. I also have no route to the gw. I wrote this tiny script as I have to give wlan0 an IP and add the route on every boot but I was wondering how I can get the settings to stay?

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Binding Processes to CPU
I have a HyperThreaded P4. Is there any way to bind a process to one of the "virtual" CPUs? (Say, I was running two game servers, to have one on CPU0 and one on CPU1.)
gtk is not my friend
I'm trying to draw a plot with various colors on a black background.

For my practice program, I'm basing my code off the plotter program in the SAMS gtk book.

I snarfed the colormap code from the piechart program.

The problem is that while gtk_gc_set_foreground() works just fine, gtk_gc_set_background has no apparent effect.

I've also tried futzing with my .gtkrc file and no matter what I do, the background of the plot comes out grey. It's driving me crazy

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Genthree Linux
anyone tried it? seems like a server distro and a sucky one...

Why Genthree SUCKS:
The genthree mascot is so stupid they won't even put it on the web site

^this one cracks me up

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i'm totally new to Linux. I just installed Mandrake 10, and I'm running KDE, and have no idea how to open/install files.
I just downloaded Mozilla Firefox as a .tar.gz file.
Could someone please tell me how to open this, then how to get it into the Internet section of my "start menu" (I'm not sure what it's called with KDE)?
Has anyone tried this?

Does it... work? What version of Gentoo does it install, and what kernel version? Does it have the ability to migrate from a different distro? Does it autodetect hardware?

I'd love to give Gentoo another shot, but I'm not willing to deal with another convoluted installation procedure.

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