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Thursday, May 6th, 2004

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messing with compressed archives
x-posted from my journal:

i was just thinking to myself that we need a better universal open/free compressed archive format. tar.gz is just an archive compressed; we need something like winzip for all the platforms, but obviously much better and not like winzip at all. what about gz.tar? it's not really what i had in mind, but think about it: instead of having to decompress all the files you could just read through the tar! it'd be a normally formatted tar - directories, symlinks, device files, etc. but normal files would be gzipped. then the bottleneck is no longer CPU, it's I/O!!! of course then you'd need a way to compress the device files and symlinks, etc. that are a part of tar and cannot be gzipped, but thats another story. if all you've got to archive and compress are directories of files, gz.tar should work to allow for quicker listing of files with similar compression ratios. the problem is that gzip adds a layer of overhead for each file it's applied to, so the gz.tar would be larger than the tar.gz almost every time.

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clearly listing the uncompressed archive is much, much faster. so if file compression isn't as important to you as speed in listing/extracting files, go with the gz.tar format.

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LInux please
I've finally managed to get my hands on a computer that I don't need to be up and running in tip top shape all the time and I'd like to try Linux, so putting two and two together:
How [I'll need babysteps] do you go about installing Linux on a 400 MHz PowerPC G3 iMac DV?
I've never installed Linux on anything, so you can't really assume I know much.

crossposted to macosx and linux.com forums

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Salutations and Stuff
Hey all

Yet another Linux user poking his head in to say hi. I've ditched Windows about 4 months back and haven't looked behind me yet ;) I've built my box up using LFS 5.1, switching over to GCC3x for compilation. I'm in a persistent state of breakdown, as my box management is pathetic (most of my HDDs are taken up by user accounts for people who don't use my computer). I'm also pretty bad for tinkering with older boxes - I've got a 333, 166 and 133 which are constantly being ripped apart in an attempt to make them do what they shouldn't be able to ;) Recently I acquired a Zaurus SL 5500, and I'm waiting on a CF card to turn that bad boy into a properly running multimedia centre/emulator :) Looking forwards to sharing ideas/help/discussions with everyone here :D
x.org vs xfree
So i've done a little bit of reading up on x.org and xfree. What I am currently running is a gentoo box 2.4.26 kernel, with xfree 4.0.3. I was thinking about unmerging xfree and emergeing x.org Is this a good idea?

The main problem im running into, and im almost postive changing to x.org will NOT fix this problem, is direct rendering with my videocard (radeon 8500 AIW) i've followed many instructions on getting it working, and i've used the fire gl drivers as instructed however it will either do nothing when I run glxinfo, (if Im booted into the firegl drivers) or return no.

ANYWAYS, pretty much what advantages and disadvantages should I expect from the change to xfree to x.org
news/list mail reader
Does anyone know of a (small foot print) news-client/e-mail reader that supports multiple folder grouping? I know that mutt and evolution do this, however, I want a non ncurses gui and I don't want half my ram being eaten.

I have a few mailing lists that I subscribe to, therefore I want to be able to deliniate mail from those lists in folders - the same
applies for newsgroups. Hats off to anyone who knows of a program.
Lately I've been reading about what, exactly it takes to build a beowulf cluster. And damned if the powers that be in company I work for don't task me and some other dude with doing the ground work for building one.

Our first order is to rough out what, exactly it takes... Then we build a prototype with a few nodes, then scale up.

Being as how I work in DC, I've started with these guys, and work up from there.

Any other pointers, tips, or links I should keep in mind?

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