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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004

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Linux Digital Multitrack Recorders
Is there a professional-grade Multitrack Recorder for Linux?

I have been toying with the "n-Track Studio" Trial on one of my few windows machines, and I would love something like this for Linux. And even though it kinda defeats the point of linux, I would not be afraid to pay for it.
yet another person looking for that ideal distro.

I've been using fedora core 1, and like it. but it's still on kernel 2.4, xfree86, etc.
I'd like a distro with kernel 2.6, X.org, etc. Much like fedora core2, but I have this laptop sitting in front of me that's just begging to have something installed on it right now!

*Gentoo: no patience for compiling the whole damned thing, and what's the point if you're not going to do that? I did download and burn a GRP cd compiled for P3, haven't tried it yet though.
*Slackware: under consideration. I know very little about it thought. can you use apt-get? yum? portage?
****edit* slackware is still running the 2.4 kernel. poop
*Debian: latest stable release is almost a year old.
*Mandrake: no. i hate all their *drake crap.
*fedora core2 test3: I know I like fedora, yum has fixed rpm-hell. but then I might have to reinstall when core2 final is released. no guarantees of upgradability to the final release.
SuSe: sure, send me an ISO, I can't seem to get em online.

Any suggestions?

anyone got a fast mirror for the fedora core2 test3 release?

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How many of you have used either (or both) of these for Routers and how effective was it? Only account that I have is someone who said that they used LRP for a backup router on their network in case the main one went down.

My thoughts on these was leaning towards creating a small to mid-size Linux based network that would use not-so-new hardware and not play with the big boys (No M$, No Cisco, No Novell, etc).

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Resolving host problems
Hey, so here is my problem, on my gentoo box running 2.4.26 with mozilla, and mozilla firefox it takes FOREVER for a page to load up.

It will sit on turn away at "resolving host [hostname here]" for a good 30 seconds before it will kick into actually loading the page up. Once that happens the page will load rather fast (as long as no pictures are hosted elsewhere, then I have to wait for it to resolve that hostname also)

I've tried two different nic cards, one using the tulip driver, and my new one using a 3com driver. Same problems. If I boot to windows it works fine. I checked out the dhcpc info and it has the correct DNS entries for comcast.

Any ideas on how to fix this for me?
Anything like Finale?
Hmm... I’m learning to read music/play piano, and I was wondering if there was a Finale-like program in Linux (having it be open-source would be nice, also, if it’s in Gentoo’s portage tree, that make my life easier), where I can place the notes and have it play it for me, as well as maybe being able to save the output as an aduio file (ogg vorbis?). Any suggestions?

(x-posted to gentoo)

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Wow, check out this open source success story!

New MB and Proc Decision?
Ok, so I'm looking at possibly building a new system. The purpose for this system would primarily be Linux workstation, with the potential of a lot of video and audio editing work. It is also out of the simple desire to splurge on something sweet for myself because it has been a long time since I have done such.

So, I'm looking at either the Intel 7505 or 875P chipsets. Obviously there is a big difference in that one is dual Xeon processors while the other is single. I want HT. I know that for sure no matter which I end up going with. What I've found is that the dual proc boards seem to only come to a 533 Mhz FSB while the single proc I can get up to 800 Mhz FSB. So, on one hand I can have dual proc Xeon's with HT and interleaving, but on the other hand I can have one HT proc with an 800 Mhz FSB. The following are a couple of mother boards I'm currently looking at: SuperMicro: X5DA8; ASUS: p4c800; and, Intel: S875WP1-E.

What I'm looking for here is your opinions and experiences with these technologies and/or products. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

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