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Tuesday, May 4th, 2004

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has anyone had experience with the Gyration Ultra Gyroscopic Mouse and Keyboard?

i got it to work ONCE but i completely forgot how, and i think the usb keyboard somehow conflicts with the ps/2 keyboard i have plugged in now and makes both unusable.

any ideas?
Mandrake 10 and suspending
Is there anyway I can get my mandrake 10 install to go into suspend to ram or suspend modes?

Any howto's on the net?
OK, thanks to the help here, I have gotten Postfix accepting mail for virtual domains/users.

Now, I am at another impass.  How do I setup domain relaying in Postfix?  I am a backup server for another domain.  I need to figure out where the domain info is set for relay domains.  I see some reference to the variable.

I am using Webmin to try to configure the server.


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