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Monday, May 3rd, 2004

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Linux Distro... which one?
Hey guys...
I'm having a problem with picking out a Linux Distro to use when I finish off school and have more time with my "own" computer instead of fixing everyone else’s and focusing so much on school work. The thing is I normally don't like Linux to a point but I get this like "Linux Urge" or something where I feel like I'm going to cream myself if I don't have it on my machine lol, maybe you didn't need to know that much.
I had RedHat 9 on my computer and it was so problematic with my video card and wouldn't display 1024x768x64, I tried Slackware... PERFECT, absolutely loved it BUT the sound didn't work. Stupid ALSA! It was nice and fast too btw :) I then tried Mandrake and that was probably the best Distro I tried because it was compatible with everything but it wasn't stable at all. In fact most Linux Distro's I tried keep crashing on me. Why do they say that Linux is so stable when in reality it's not? Or is that because I was using KDE which is buggy?
Well, anyways I'm going to get a new hard drive over the summer for my Linux box... that way I can keep all my windows files and what not but which Distro do you recommend? Also bare in mind I'm not really a newbie to Linux, but in a way I am also. So, I don't know... go down in low terms with me to play it safe :)

PS: I do know it's all personal preference but I'm just asking for personal expierence with different Distro's and what not and how you liked it. :)

Current Mood: anxious
Is it possible to give a user FTP access to a certain directory (and not above) on a box, but no SSH access?
i'm currently using SuSE 9.0 but I was thinking about switching to gentoo. How can I partition my HD so I can test out gentoo on a separate partition?

I'm having a few problems.
I'm running a hd install of Damn Small Linux on a 133mhz box with 32 mb of ram.
So I start the computer up, and just run web browsers and nAIM, and by the third day, I can check the amount of free ram, and it'll be around 8-15%. And I can no longer open browsers, then, not long after that, it'll shut itself down.

Also, I was wondering how to make my /dev/hda2 partition into swap space?
I did this then I dont know how to proceed ! :(
From here I did the CVS commands as given Then all went fine and it downloaded stuff into galeon in the curent directory. Then I had two scripts 'galeon-config-tool.in' & 'autogen.sh' but none of these did anything. There is **NO** 'configure' script etc. no idea what to do ! :((

System Config:


Pentium III 500
128 Mb RAM


Redhat LINUX 8.0

Any pointers ?


i just installed linux (gentoo) so i joined the community. yay.

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