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Sunday, May 2nd, 2004

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In my gentoo linux system, I did the command emerge depclean...without thinking about it enough.

Now some of my command line stuff won't work due to missing libraries, but I don't know what the package is that I have to emerge back into the system. Actually, I think just the list (ls) command isn't working now...

The message is:
ls: error while loading shared libraries: libacl.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Anyone have any suggestions, or possibly do this themselves?

Otherwise, I'm liking the gentoo system very much. It's so easy to do something like Mandrake, but it's nice to know I've configured almost everything just for this system, and on my own too.

Also, any suggestions on some nice applications or software, anything at all really. I'm using the new gaim for msn and aim (cause amsn wouldn't seem to work, I don't know if I installed the tcl/tk things correctly or not..). I'm using xmms for mp3's and such (are there any good dsp mods, like enhancer .17 that I used in windows?). And I'm going to install OpenOffice.org tonight while I'm sleeping, since I've heard it takes a while. But anything else you find essential to your computing, or just novel in any sense?

I fixed it, just booted into the liveCD environment, mounted the disks, and copied the libacl.so.1 and libattr.so.1 files over, then rebooted, now it's fine, just doing emerge system and emerge acl to make sure.

Thanks for the replies so far...

Now about those nifty applications and programs...lets hear 'em.
HD Space
How can I see how much space if left / used on my hard drive?

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