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Wednesday, April 28th, 2004

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Mapping software for Linux
Google and I don't seem to like each other this week, so I'll ask here...

Is there any decent mapping software for Linux that is comparable to Delorme's Street Atlas or Garmin's Mapsource products for Windows? It does *not* have to be able to sync maps or share data with my GPS receiver, although that would be a nice bonus. The need for mapping software is pretty much the only remaining obstacle that keeps me chained to a predominantly Windows box.

If you reply, keep in mind this point also. I don't want to sound like an adversarial asshole right off the bat, and I apologize in advance if that's how I sound, but I also want to avoid what usually happens when I've asked people this question in the past. Don't send me URLs for Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, or any other "internet only" mapping options. If I have to be online to use it, it is *not* a viable option, and is not comparable to Street Atlas or Mapsource.
Just A Quick Hello
Haven't posted in here before but have lurked for too long. Wanted to say hello. I have just installed SuSe 9.0 on my PC. So far so good....had a few problems last night switching from KDE to GNOME but that is all soughted now. Love running YDL on my Mac too....has anyone had much success with running Dreamweaver with WINE? I have heard mixed thing on this.....I can code without the use of a program, but I do love my Dreamweaver *grins*

Current Mood: cheerful
I want to install linux on a SPARC
I bought two UltraSPARCs at a yard sale (Ultra 1 and Ultra 10). I've been hunting around for distros that are both easy for n00bs like myself and compatible with SPARC architecture. I've read the installation procedure for Gentoo, and while it is excellent, I am intimidated by how lengthy it is. It's also rather hands-on, and as I am utterly ignorant on SPARCs, I'm kind of intimidated. Thus, I'm leaning toward SuSE with its world famous installer. Does anyone have any wisdom to impart on me before I start blowing these otherwise unmolested machines to bits with my incompetence?

I asked a similar question in linuxnewbies. The few answers I received said to stick with Solaris/SunOS. :/ That's no fun.

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