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Tuesday, April 27th, 2004

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Finally getting to the point where I am going to expunge all M$ from my house where possible.

I only have 2 hanging points for my main system.

1) I am a DBA for a community college and we use MSSQL.  I need to have Enterprise Manager access and Query Analyzer.  I can work around it by using VNC to my box aztt work and using the copies there.  Is there an Open Source Project that has the ability to control/access MSSQL Server.  What, if anything iws anybody else using?

2) I use my main system as a PVR .  I have an ATI All-In-Wonder Pro.  I know there are PVR projects under Linux, but only the TV Wonders are seeminglg supported under Linux.  I have a Hauppage card, but I was holding that for a dedicated HTPC project.  I also have an nVidia Personal Cinema card based on the MX chipset.

So, any suggestions?

Current Mood: curious
Wrestling with gtk
I'm working on something in GTK where I want to set the background of the buttons black, and have the foreground text either blue or yellow depending upon the state of the button.

My current desktop is gnome in fedora core 1, though ultimately I'll be running the app on something else.

I've finally gotten to the point that if I set my theme to LrcMist00 I can muck with
/home/lrc/.themes/LrcMist00/gtk-2.0/gtkrc and make global changes. However, while I can change the theme from the preferences->theme menu, I can't find the file that actually gets changed.

grep -i lrcmist *
grep -i lrdmist .*
grep -i lrcmist .*/*

and so forth don't even show it in any of the files.

I've also made a small program using glade that has both vertical and horizontal buttons. I've given the various widgets names, but don't seem to be able to alter their appearance at all.

I've poked around looking for documentation. I have the SAMS learn gtk in 21 days book, but that discussses programming rather than configuring. It lightly brushes on gtkrc files, but doesn't go into any usable detail. I found Havoc Pennington's tutorial on programming in gtk+ but it doesn't quite get me where I need to be.

This is proving very frustrating.

I'd love to RTFM but I can't seem to find the Right FM to FR.
Kdevelop errors
/bin/sh: line 1: ./newprogram: No such file or directory
Press Enter to continue!

Thats what I get when I attempt to run a newly compiled program, I can cd into the debug dir and run it but it wont work in Kdevelop. Ack!

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