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Monday, April 26th, 2004

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Add a line to tally?
Hey there, a while back someone made me a simple perl script to make a playlist.html file of what was in my directory, it goes like

`echo '<HTML><BODY bgcolor=black text=white>' >> playlist.html`;
`echo '<center><h1><u><b>XMMS Playlist</b></u></h1></center>' >> playlist.html`;

foreach $file (`ls /music -R *.mp3`){
        if( $file =~ /mp3$/i ){
     `echo \"$file <br>\" >> playlist.html`;

`echo '</BODY></HTML>' >> playlist.html`;

Is there something that can be added to it to tally the total # of files in the directory? I know nothing about perl so no clue. Thanks.
sound and jack
i'm trying to find a command line program that can play wavs though jack (jack audio connection kit). all i need is something very simple. i've started to write my own, but i've never written any type of multimedia application before, and i'm not very fluent in programming, so it could take quite a long time. i wanna use it so when i'm using multiple apps at the same time (xmms, gaim, ardour, various games, watching flash movies online) that if one of them makes a sound, it doesn't screw up the others by taking over /dev/dsp while it's using it. so, i'm looking to have most of my apps go through jack. as far as i know, there isn't any gaim plugin to use jack. so i'm looking to get a program that can simply play sounds using jack and have gaim use that. as well as being able to let other programs use it. i've looked at ecasound, even though that has much more functionality than what i'm looking for, i figure it could work. except i keep getting an Collapse ) and i dont' know why. the comand i use for ecasound is:
# ecasound -f:f32_le,2,44100,n -i send.wav -o jack_alsa
and for jack is:
# /usr/local/bin/jackd -v -R -t500 -dalsa -dhw:0 -r44100 -p1024 -n4 -zt -H -M

it keeps saying that my sampling rates are wrong. and that they dont' match. but, the -f section supplies the 44100 sample rate to use.

so my questions are, is there: a simpler way to do this? a simpler program than ecasound which has jack support? an explanation as to what i'm doing wrong with ecasound?
I just e-mailed www.elementcomputer.com to ask about a possible sub-compact laptop, and this was the response (emphasis mine):

Subject: RE: Enquiry from Element Computer
From: "Mike Hjorleifsson" mikeh (at) elementcomputer.com

Yes they should be ready this summer thanks for your interest

-----Original Message-----

I'm really interested in getting a sub-compact linux laptop, something in
the range of 3-4 lbs with battery. Is there any chance that you have
something like that on the horizon?
Please let me know.

So if you're thinking about getting one but want something smaller as I do, just wait a few months!

Current Mood: cheerful
Helpful tip of the day
ln -s /etc/profile ~/.bashrc

when you su into root, you'll be red/blue instead of green/blue and it'll stay with you.

Little helpful things...
Kernel IP routing table in Mandrake 9.x
I am adding a default gateway to the gateway in the IP routing table but when I reboot the entry is cleared from the routing table, does anyone know what the problem might be?

x posted mandrake_users computergeeks
Dell Latitude CPi D300xt Sound
i am trying like heck to get the sound working on my dell laptop and have been having problems with it as i am use ind SuSE linux I am trying to config ALSA,

the CPi D300XT uses CS4237B so I was trying to load the module with the
following command.

modprobe snd-card-cs4236 snd_port=0x534 snd_cport=0x120 snd_mpu_port=-1
snd_fm_port=0x388 snd_jport=-1 snd_irq=5 snd_dma1=0 snd_dma2=1

NOTE: snd-cs4236 supports CS4237B plus others

Yes, I down loaded and compiled the drivers, lib, utils. I also ran the
./sndevices script

I left both of the snd_dmaX_size=NN options out because the author of
the HOW-
TO mentioned they got their CS4237B to work with out them.

Prior to running the command I type lsmod or cat /proc/modules and
that no sound support is loaded. I have also recompiled the kernel so
only sound support is included (no drivers).

When I run modprob, I get a device busy error. Then when I reissue
lsmod, I
see both snd-cs4236 and snd-cs4231. The only entry in my
/etc/conf.modules is
for my ehternet card(3c575).

Does snd-cs4236 use snd-cs4231? Even the HOW-TO shows both of these
after the modprob command was issued for the snd-cs4236

aneyone have aney sugestions?
LJ Clients
What LJ clients do you use? I am trying to get a good client for my newly rebuilt system. I am postiong this with kluje, but it seems the development is not to active, if I read the comments on the Web site right. It is what I was trying to use, but there is functionality limitations, such as no submit button. It is the only one of the 3 available that is designed with KDE in mind.

I also downloaded logjam, but it is not wanting to configure, I get errors about missing packages. All of which are there. I thought about drivel, but it requires gtk+ 2 which is one of the libraries logjam can't seem to find.

Current Mood: curious
So anyways the two things keeping me from blowing windows away are the inability to play DOD and the lack of a Visual C++ alternitive, if anyone can help we with that I'd loooove to hear from you.
The everpresent terminal question
So, I've looked at lots of terms, and cannot find one that:
1.) Is transparent happy pretty eye candy
2.) Does xterm.VT100.titeInhibit: true properly

(If you don't know what #2 does, do:

echo "hello" > foo ; less -F foo ; rm foo

You should get:

(hiro) /home/matt> echo "hello" > foo ; less -F foo ; rm foo
(hiro) /home/matt>

If you just get:

(hiro) /home/matt> echo "hello" > foo ; less -F foo ; rm foo
(hiro) /home/matt>

Then your term doesn't do it right, and is not what I need.

The titeInhibit stops the alternate screen buffer (invoked when you start full screen thingys) from being used, so when you quit things (less, vi, emacs, etc.) the content stays on the screen.

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