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Friday, April 23rd, 2004

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Does anyone have any experience with USB 2.0 PCMCIA cardbus cards, such as this one? Do they work under Linux, and if so, how well?
Mandrake 10 Communtity Printing
Does anyone have any problems with printerdrake, mine hangs on "Searching for new printers" I dont even have any attached, I want to use a shared windows printer!!
First Post
Hey everone. This is my first time posting on here. I'm a soldier in Iraq. And the linux support around here isn't the greatest. So I figured I'd join an online community. I just got gentoo in the mail the other day. But my laptop is lost somewhere in the void that is the military postal system. I've used linux quite a bit in the past. But it evolves so fast that I know that I'm going to need the help of others. Anywho, I hope you guys will help me get gentoo up and running when my box gets here.

Baghdad, IZ
We need YOU to help the cause!
X-Posted in linux computergeeks

I realize that many of you may see this as 'spam' but please take this into consideration.

We are looking to get Skype (a popular windows VoIP client) to cross over to Linux and possibly in the near future get Open Source out of them. Please help us by clicking 'I want this too' and together we can make the community reach critical mass. Follow this link if you are interested:


Thank you all,

David - Linux user alike.
system uptime
is there a way, in linux obviously (mandrake 10, gnome 2.4), to calculate my system uptime?

just curious...

Bloody pissed off.
So I finally got up2date to work with RH9 and updated most of the things it recommended, excluding kernel and a few other packages I didn't want to mess with. Somebody remind me to never fuckin' do that again.

Current Mood: See subject.
50G LVD SCA Barracuda 7200rpm $38 online
ST150176LC ~ 50.1GB SCA 3.5" HH
Collapse )
1 year warranty is $5 extra for a single drive.
Use coupon code PW (as in pricewatch) and see the price drop to $38 each
I got 4, with $20 for warranty, and $11.38 for FexEx Ground totalling $183.46.

Reseller Ratings aparently dings them pretty hard. About half are "They didn't say it was refurbed." Some of the others are poor customer service in RMA handling. We'll see if/when they show up, and if not, that's what credit card protection is for. :)

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