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Thursday, April 22nd, 2004

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Full screen problem with mplayer and xv
I'm running Debian/testing and using mplayer with unofficial packages (so I can't file a bug report on this). mplayer used to work fine, but recently an annoying error has started occurring. Whenever I play a file and go into full screen, then leave full screen and go back into it (all with the "f" key), the second time it goes into full screen the image is displaced on my desktop. So, it behaves like it's in full screen, but the actual video is only covering part of the desktop, and some of it is off of the screen.

I can't demonstrate with screenshots since accelerated video doesn't like to show up on those, but the upper left corner of the displaced video always matches the upper left corner of the non-fullscreened window.

I don't know exactly at what point this started happening, because it only happens when I enter, exit and enter fullscreen again (a frequent occurrence, but not one that happens every time I watch something). It could have been an upgrade to the mplayer packages, but it could also have been something to do with the (official) xlib packages, etc. Please advise.

EDIT: Correction. The displaced full screen image doesn't just happen when full screen is entered and exited, it happens any time full screen is entered after the mplayer window has gained and lost focus once. So if I just click on my desktop and click on the mplayer window after starting it, fullscreen won't work after that. =(
not really a linux question, but I have high hopes some here can shed some light on this network problem.

I have two linksys switch/firewalls on my home network.

The first has the WAN port connected to my cable modem, and a single box connected to one of the ports. It is configured to forward ports 22 and 80 from the cable modem to this box. The firewall is further configured to perform statefull packet filtering, and on the logs generated by it, you can see exactly where some packets get dropped for violations of this sort. The box connected to this switch is used exclusively as a webserver, and is using SuSE 8.2's firewall configuration tool.

The second switch's WAN port is connected into one of the remaining ports on the first. And the other four boxes on my internal LAN are connected either directly to this switch or through other switches on the LAN.

Here's my question.

Any ideas on how I can occasionally observe on the logs of switch/firewall #2 people trying portscan, or in other ways systematically attack what they think is a single machine (but is actually switch/firewall #2?

All the machines are running SuSE 8.2. The logs on the http server show MANY attempts at exploits, but nothing ever seems out of whack, or 'fishy'. Similarly, all the machines in the internal LAN seem pristine as well (not pecular network activity, odd process, 'funky' log entries, etc.).
wifi = little slice of heaven
Can someone point me at a list of linux supported PCMCIA wifi cards - or alternately if you had/are having good experience with one, could you detail it here? Which one do you have and all that?

Thanks everyone
Did you guys know there is an Iraqi LUG? I really dig it. I stumbled upon it as they are looking for donations to bring linux to Iraq before Microsoft gets them.


Anyhow, take a look at their site and if you can donate, do it. I think it's a pretty groovy cause.

Odd konqueror issue
I run windowmaker on mepis for my desktop, but I use kde's konqueror as my file browser. I've been running my system that way quite happily for some time now. Yesterday after an apt-get upgrade, which upgraded my konqueror among other things, after opening konqueror it always loads straight to google instead of my home dir as it's always done. I of course chaged the "Home URL:" to my home, but it seems to make no difference. Still opens to google. I've searched through all the settings I can find but that's the only place that seems relevant to startup location, so if that's apparently not working, I'm stumped.

Summary: Konqueror always loads to google even after changing "Home URL:" to my home dir or anywhere else. Anyone had this problem? If so how did you fix it?

Sidenote: If anyone knows of a "better" file browser I'd gladly check it out, been thinking of trying new ones anyway
Will a Wifi CF type II card work in a pcmcia slot with cf adapter on a laptop?
Will a Wifi CF type II card work in a pcmcia slot with cf adapter on a laptop?
I have an old ibm thinkpad 560e that has a pcmcia type I/II slot. I have a CF type II adaptor card. If I bought an Compact Flash 802.11b Wifi card would it work? Anyone try this before or point me to a url that has compatible CF type I/II cards that work with laptops? I am running Debian Sarge with 2.6.x.

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