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Wednesday, April 21st, 2004

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i need to take a linux box and make a router out of it. i can do that no problem but i need to know how to cap the bandwidth on each ethX card????? any clue?
GPL ruling in germany - GPL wins

If this means what I think it means, then this could be a very very good thing.

Down with the man, man.
odd informal poll
Informal Poll

You have around 2K to drop on a laptop. You pick up a 64bit laptop from Emachines or you pickup a 15 inch apple powerbook.

This should spawn an interesting discussion..
At what point, in your opinion, is someone no longer a linux newb?
Am I the only one out there?
Am I the only one that misses "Old technology"?

BRI/ISDN, Dynamic DNS, Dial-UP, ANSI/RIP BBS (of course using SSH heh), Packet radio, UUCP, talk daemon, the lack of man pages, Mail2News gateways, mail 2 ftp gateways, gopher, archie....

What other antiquated technologies do you miss?

With the advent of T1-equivalents in almost all of our homes and computers that can outrun Crays from the late 80's....What is a nostalgist to do?

//end of memory//
Fedora experts?
Any Fedora experts out there? Especially if you know about kernel updates or window managers ... please visit fedora_linux.
acl on debian?
am i correct in my discovery that you have to patch the kernel to enable access control lists (setfacl, etc) ?

if so...kind of annoying, if not...anyone want to clue me in on a different way? i'm using it on a router and would prefer not to have to reboot it if at all possible...

(using debian, woody, 2.4.18 kernel, and ext3)


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