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Monday, April 19th, 2004

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nForce audio
I run MEPIS Linux (basically Debian with an easy installer). I have an nFore based Asus mobo that has on board sound. The sound does not work under Linux (I did manage to get hardware 3D acceleration for the integrated GeForce card).
Any ideas on how to get sound working?
xfree86 help
Hey everyone, I'm trying to get fluxbox to install, but I'm having some problems. it was first telling me it cannot install becase the X window system livbraries and headers are not available
so I tried running the rpm of XFree86-4.3-8.2mdk.i586.rpm, and it was telling me a whole bunch of failed dependencies, so then i tried to install the RPM with the library files XFree86-libs-4.3-8.7.91mdk.i586.rpm, and it was telling me also again, failed dependencies of libfontconfig.so.1, and libc.so.6, does anyone know what I need to do??
New Distro Jihad continues.
I'm downloading Fedora Core 1.  Before I get blamed for not beta-testing core 2, this is for work so I can't be on a bleeding edge here... I need stability.  Hope this one goes better than the Evil Entity endeavor.  3 Cds, though... damn.  Even RH9 came on 2.  And, when some of my bandwidth frees up, I'm going to go play with Tiny Linux.  Hey... why not.  Helps having a fully functional, bootable distro in your briefcase.  Yeah... I'm having a really busy day here, can't you tell?

Current Mood: busy
Free Lindows (Linspire)
From DSLreports.com

Users in our Software Forum have told us that Linspire has been offered for free. The Linspire v4.5 full product is available for download, free of charge. In this IT Vibe article, CEO Michael Robertson said, the "offer is good for the next couple days". To get Linspire free of charge, simply visit the Linspire order page and add one to your shopping cart. Once there, the coupon code you need to enter is "LINDOWS" then click on Apply Coupon. Apparently the offer is for downloading through Bittorrent only.

Link: http://www.linspire.com/btorder

I think today is the last day.
A mask for all occasions
I'm wondering if anyone knows of a script I could recursivly set a fmask and umask for only a specefic directory tree?
Allow me to explain myself: Currently I have lilo to set to assign gloabl fmasks of 755, all users have a .bash_profile which sets their umask for /home to 644 . However, I need to set a new fmask and umask just to the web directory of my server - all users have a web space.

So, as I don't want to set a cron job to do this, too dirty, wondering if anyone knows of a scriptable way? Thanks.
(Possibly off-topic.)

I just got unlimited text messagin (and email) with my cellular provider, and was wondering if there was anything interesting i could with it.
FC1 up and cruising.
Well... the upgrade to Fedora Core 1 is complete. I must say that overall I'm very pleasantly surprised. So far I've discovered only one problem post upgrade. That being a minor issue of /etc/sysconfig/networking/ifcfg-lo not being there, and therefore breaking the network-config tools. ETH0 got brought up with default DHCP values on every reboot and settings could be overridden, but not saved (via the tool only). Two minutes of browsing and i had the fix, which was to create the file with some default values. Overall, though, very smooth and completely painless. The best part? I got paid to do this! Sweet.

VMWare is giving me some shit. Keeps asking about C header file location used to compile the kernel. After about 2 hours I got what I think is the right path, though it complained about version differences, so still no dice. In a few minutes, I'm going to try it on the RH9 box here. See if it's FC1 or VMWare at fault. I've never used it before, so chances are it's a PEBKAC. If anyone here's familiar with VMWare, be careful... I may be stalking you with stupid user tricks in a few hours.


VMWare installs on RedHat without a problem. Looks like tomorrow I test with one of my servers, and if all goes well, bye-bye Windows on work desktop. I'll still keep trying it on the Fedora laptop for a while, but so far, all signs point to RedHat9 lingering on a bit longer.

Anyone know where I can snag a free copy of Quake 3? We don't work all the time at the office... besides, the network needs stress-testing.... several times a day. Yeah. That's it. Stress-testing.

Current Mood: happy
Linux Strikes a Blow Against Evil
Linux has been "certified" free of copyright infringement by a new start-up called Open Source Risk Management. In short, SCO Group Inc., which acquired the intellectual property rights to core UNIX code, went on to claim that Linux kernel source code used proprietary code illegally.

Read the rest in this article.

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