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Sunday, April 18th, 2004

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For all you web designers...
Anyone use, know of someone who uses, or just ever hear about Nvu? Judging by the screenshots...I'm seriously thinking about downloading it.

First thing that came to mind: "Well it's about time!"

Current Mood: tired
nic driver
hey everyone, I have an old Gateway Solo 2150 series. I'm trying to get the NIC to work, it has a "6001105 - 3Com Mini-PCI V.90 Modem/10/100 Ethernet Combo Card" as so I saw from the support site. Does anyone know what I need to do to be able to find this driver for linux to get it up and running? I use redhat 9
I'm having the hardest time of my life truying to compile the 3c59x.c file for my NIC driver on my Mandrake 8.2 box. Any help? I keep getting so many errors, they look like as if theyre errors that happened during the compile, so I'm sure it wasn't anything from gcc... any help please?
Is there a Window Manager that has window paintting?
I'm using the default WM (Metacity) for Gnome. When one selects "resize" from the window menu the window resizes just like under microsoft Windows; that is: the mouse drags whatever edge one clicks nearest.

All I can opine is: BLECH!

What I'd like is more of a window-drawing effect. Select the "resize" menu item: cursor becomes a crosshair. You draw a box on the screen. The active window takes that box as both the size and position and jumps to fit.

Is there a manager with such a feature out there?


Current Mood: frustrated
Talking to a friend, I found out that if he runs a process with &, putting it in the background, it will only run for as long as the terminal is open. IE, if he runs /usr/bin/foobar & , it will run in the background, but if he logs out or closes the terminal window in which the process was run, the process will end.

This is confusing to me, as I'm used to stopping jobs and tossing them in the background with bg, or running them directly in the background, and logging out, with the process persisting in the background.

We both run bash, and I don't recall ever doing anything specific to make bash act this way, nor does he. Any idea what's going on, and why?

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