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Saturday, April 17th, 2004

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OpenLDAP Addressbook
Could someone point me toward some good OpenLDAP documents/tutorials?

Specifically I want to have a centralized address book that can be accessed from Outlook and Netscape.

Also, I want to look into using LDAP for PAM authentication. Is it also possible to use it for Win2000 logins?

Thanks in advance!
Linuxfest 2004
dervish and rsync is sooo coool. To hell with tapes.

So is ssh, but I think I knew that.

There was alot that went over my head today but alot of it I caught - If it went over my head it was only because I was hitting the information saturation point I think. A little more time to digest would have been nice. Everything was a blur. Clinics/lectures were only an hour long and back to back from 8 am to 4 pm all day long, not to mention all the booths and the schmoozing and geeking out and the people meeting and meatspace networking...

Crap I'm tired, but it was a good time. I also ran into Evan at the Debian table and talked with him a bit. (LJ Evan, you know who I'm talking about). was very cool. Hadn't seen him in several years. Whats funny is he helped me during my first foray into linux in 2000. Was cool to run into him at Linuxfest of all places now years later.

I met alot of cool folks and I learned a great deal. But now I must sleep - my poor brain. I'm a bit punchy. Too. Much. Too. Much.

Night all.
Web Calendar ?
May be a bit off topic but:

Has anyone on here managed to get webcal to work ? {apache 2.0}

I keep getting:
==>Premature end of script headers: wcal.pl
==>/wcal.pl did not send an HTTP header

Does anyone know of another good full featured webcalendar worth suggesting ?

Thks :)

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