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Friday, April 16th, 2004

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drive copying software that doesn't pooch Linux
Here's my predicament:

At work I have about 5 workstations that are getting SuSE9 put on them. They are all absolutely identical hardware-wise, and will be identical software-wise. So it would make sense for me to just mirror one of the drives that's in one of the already-installed machines.

Question is.. what can I use? I know that both Maxtor and Western Digital's software will only let you work with their drives, or another drive in conjunction with theirs. These machines have Quantums.

Sorry for the dumb-ass question, this is just something I really usually never have to do (viva la Ghost, ZENworks,etc,etc)
It's me, backup-boy, again.
So I've got this really weird script problem.

I have a script in /root/scripts, it uses rsync to make a backup of a specified directory.
I can run it on /home, I can run it on /tmp, but if I try /etc, it bombs, segmentation fault.
The only thing changing is the directory name.
It's always being run as root.

The exact command causing the segfault is:

$RSYNC -va --delete --delete-excluded $TOBACKUP/ $BACKUPDIR/hourly.0

with variables it should parse to:
/usr/bin/rsync -va --delete --delete-excluded /etc/ /root/backups/etc/hourly.0

the exact error it dumps out is: Collapse )

full script code is here.


Current Mood: annoyed
printing abiword files from the command line
I'd like to be able to print abiword (xml) files from the command line.

Is there already a utility or operating mode for abiword to do this?

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