April 15th, 2004



<geek>I wrote my own little script to get logjam to detect my music using a custom command 'cause LogJam doesn't currently support madplay. The only problem is that I still have extra bits to remove after I do the detection.

Here is the script.


/usr/sbin/lsof | grep REG | grep mp3

Which returns:

madplay 25764 jnagyjr 4r REG 3,66 6701056 11425 /home/audio/pirated/mp3/american-music/unsorted/The Ataris - San Dimas High School Football Rules.mp3

So I just have to delete those extra bits between "madplay" and the path to the mp3 (to include madplay). </geek>
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Josh 201604 KWP

Mwave ACP driver for Linux

The ACP modem (Mwave) for Linux is a software based modem. This driver
provides support for the IBM ThinkPad * 600, 600E, and 770 models which
contain the Mwave chipset.

More information can be found on the [1]ACP Modem website.

Version 2.0 change log

* The kernel driver has been removed from the distribution. The driver is
now exclusively maintained in the kernel.org tree proper
* The mwavem binary now installs in /usr/local/sbin by default instead of
* Mwave module options removed from mwaved script as they belong in
/etc/modules.conf or the newer /etc/modprobe.conf
* Most build warnings removed (Janice Girouard)
* More build warnings removed
* The mwave device file can now be specified in mwavem.conf
* The startup script, mwaved, is now installed as /etc/init.d/mwavem on
'make install'
* Startup script updated to work w/ 2.6.x kernel installations
* RPM spec file now provided in src/extra. Modify the spec file as necessary
and use 'make rpm' to build RPMs for your system.
* mwavem binary now starts up as a daemon process. Logs to syslog.. PID file
written to /var/run/mwavem.pid

[1] http://www-124.ibm.com/acpmodem/