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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004

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Gettin Ligual
Aside from a little scripting and basic html and such, I don't know any programming/scripting languages, but I'd like to start contributing something back to the free/open source software community. My problem is deciding which language to learn. I generally dont like the "gritty" langauges like C where you have to worry about things like resource management and memory allocation and such, so I'm thinking about maybe trying Perl or something. What language would you guys suggest for someone with minimal coding experience who'd like to give something back to the community? Something without too much of a learning curve that could be used to create useful software?
Linuxfest 2004
Where: Bellingham Washington (North of Seattle about 80 miles)
When: This Saturday (April 17)
Where: Bellevue Technical College
Attendees: over 1200 last year, more expected this year.



For a free ride up and back complete with free coffee/donuts/t-shirts/other miscelania compliments of Pogo Linux:

This is crossposted to my journal and the gentoo community
It's going to be a full agenda. We'll see how much I weather.Collapse )

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