April 13th, 2004


Wild hair.

For no good reason, I'm going to take my perfectly functioning laptop, running RH9 and try to install EvilEntity on it. Why? I like the name. A slightly better reason is that I haven't tried it yet. Wish me luck.
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Evil Twin

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hey all, I need some suggestions.
I'm running Fedora core 1 on a webserver, and I need a backup-to-disk solution.
ideally: a few days worth of archive to go back to if something goes wrong, and potential catastrophic recovery data.

Boxen's got two identical 80gb hard drives, all file systems are ext3.
hda is partitioned into the working system:
/boot = 100mb
/ = 10gb
/home = 65gb

hdc is /backup, and is only going to be mounted when it needs to be used.

If necessary, I can reinstall (again) and use LVM to do snapshots, which from what I've heard might be ideal for what I'm trying to do.
But I've had trouble finding good info (aka detailed howto's) on that online, so i'm wary of just diving into it. (can you use LVM on existing partitions? If so, that'd be easy.)

so, what are some recomendations?
I've tried flexbackup(.sourceforge.net), and it was ugly (and didn't work to restore files). I've looked at bacula and amanda, both are way too complex for what I'm trying to do.
I've considered tar.gz-ing files with a script, and it's a little simplistic.
rsync would work, but that's just a mirror of the drive. would be ok, but I'd rather have a backup solution instead of a mirroring solution.

*edit* finally found a good LVM howto: http://ds9a.nl/lvm-howto/HOWTO/cvs/lvm-howto/output/lvm-howto-7.html
that's back in as an option now. instant snapshots are nice.
also: official howto: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/

*edit2* hmm, "Please note that snapshots are not persistent. If you unload LVM or reboot, they are gone, and need to be recreated."
So take snapshot, mount it, tar (& gzip?) it, shoot it to /backup with an appropriate filename, remove&umount snapshot...?

Adventures of the linux N00b...

ok, after much research and reading what comments I have gotten, I decided to install Fendora, as opposed to Suse. How everything laid out in the end, I think it will be better. I will be sure to update more as I continue, and share what I learn, or need to learn as it happens. Thanks to all who commented on my previous posts, and I look foreward to hearing from you again.

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Maybe I'm missing something any insight would be helpful.

I've got a dual chip box running RH9 right now. I've tried to upgrade the kernel and the new kernel is showing up in grub but the single chip version of the old kernel was selected. Ok no big deal I changed the default to use 0 (the smp version of the newer kernel) rebooted the server and it's still coming up as using the single older kernel version. I checked my lilo.conf and it's showing to use that older single kernel. I was just going to change this but was warned by a friend to watch out because as he put in when dealing with SCSI or RAID it could mess something up badly. The box is a RAID5 setup. I'm just wondering if there is anything else I'm missing when I should be changing things.

If I can provide any better info let me know. Thanks.

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Well they have done it again...Comcrap is fucking with my connection...Again! I currently run an ftp server...And before anyone screams Don't run it anonymously! I am running a private server that I use mainly to send rpm's to my friends who need them, etc...However, recently Comcrap has made it so only connections from certain machines are permitted. For example, I have a friend who has a Linux box on charter.com. Whenever I try to connect using ftp, I get a "connection refused" message. I even get that msg when connecting to my own IP address. The only way I can locally connect to my machine is by using localhost. So far, the only machine I have found to connect without any problems is a box on astound.net, where I also have an account. Has/is anyone experienced/experiencing this sort of problem in the 24.62.34 subnet? Or for that matter, any other subnets experiencing this? Bc I swear to fucking God, if they fuck with my SMTP traffic, I am going to call the NOC up here and let them know that what they
are doing is despicable, and that I am paying for a service and I expect to get what I pay for.