April 12th, 2004

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I am running MEPIS Linus with KDE. Tonight something really odd happened. All my fonts changed to Cursive. I tried changing the fonts from the KDE configuration but all the choices are now cursive versions of the respective fonts.... I managed to change the desktop icons fonts to regular oned but all my menus etc. are still in cursive and it's driving me nuts.
Any ideas on how to fix that?

Also where did KDE hide it's screen resolution changing utility I cannot seem to find it in any of the menus and the cursive is giving me a headache.
Thanks for any suggestions.


Hi all. I am trying to help a sighted friend of mine install Fedora Core-1.0 on his system. The only problem is he's using Kde, and I have no idea where to start to tell him how to find Kmagnifier. As far as I know, the Kde-accessibility stuff is part of the official KDE-3.2 distribution, which I assume is included on the Fedora-1 disks? My question is, assuming Kmagnifier and friends is installed, where can one find/start Kmagnifier since that's what my friend needs to be able to see the screen? Thanks!
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!!! LINUXFEST 2004 !!!

If you're in the Seattle area, it's happening THIS SATURDAY in Bellingham. Last year there were about 1200 participants apparently. They're expecting more than that this year as I understand it. I'm newer to linux so will definately be attending. Seems like a good idea and like alot of fun.


I think I'm driving up but have a big pimp classic car thats a blast to ride but eats some mad gas... so if I find a ride, I might take it. Failing that I'll take Alice (1975 Oldsmobile Regal Ninety Eight in great shape) up to Bellingham. Now, I could conceivably take a few people from Seattle with me as long as they'd be alright with kicking in some gas money... It is a dope ride, i swear it. =)

Theres a free charter bus leaving from the North Seattle Community College sponsored by Pogo Linux - I guess they give you coffee and donuts and t-shirts on the way up and so on. The link to it is on the site, but heres the direct link. You must sign up for it ahead of time.


Southern Michiganders?

If you have degrees or certs in computer sciences/or other related fields and would help 'testify' at my schoolboard hearing, (they will get paid for testifying if you will) please let me know, soon. The hearing is wedsnday. Prefably older than 21, the schools computer illiteracy will be my doom. Please read about the situation in my journal.

This is very, inherantly important.

rpm installation

i'm running mandrake 10.0 download edition, and gnome 2.4...

when i double click on an rpm file (that i have just downloaded) it doesn't automatically install... instead, it asks me for an application with which to run it...


at the very least, what is the console command to install an rpm?

thanks in advance,