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Sunday, April 11th, 2004

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Firewall headaches.
Does anyone know of a decent firewall for Linux with a usable GUI? I'm tired of iptables. It's powerful, yes... and with a little pain I can get it to do anything I want. But I use it so rarely that between uses I forget most of what I've already set up and more importantly pretty much all of the syntax . I use Sygate on my Windows boxes at work... and I'm looking for something similar under Linux. Google has not been much help. Any ideas?


To clear a few things up, I'm not looking for a GUI around iptables. I'd like something completely different and preferably something that has application based filtering in addition to standard port/host stuff.

Current Mood: aggravated
The previous poster made me realize that I have no running firewall on my server. I am going to learn iptables, but just do not have the time right now. Anyone care to right a rule for me really quick that would allow all access on ports 20, 21, 22, 25, 80, 3306, 27015 ONLY? (And block everything else?)...
The great unhinged...
I have access to an IBM T40 laptop. When this laptop has, under WinXP, the keyboard shut; the output is switched to the external monitor and the input is switched to the external keyboard and mouse. When openned, the output is on the local screen and input comes from the trackpoint, or trackpad, and internal keyboard. XP is also capable of setting both screens active, either as the same display or as separate displays.

Under X11R6, at least as Lycoris, Fedora, and Knoppix configure it, the input will only come from, in order: the external keyboard, the internal trackpoint, but not pad, and the output always goes to the external monitor and not the internal LCD, ever. This simply isn't workable for a laptop, especially when not docked. For myself, I'm not really particular, but if I expect to sell the rest of the office on Linux; I need a nearly similar functionality.

Is there any method, manner, combination that will enable Linux to respond to the "hinge switch" and imitate the features that are had under XP?

Yes, I've hit Google. The exploration was most unhelpful.

SOT linux
Recently installing SOTLinux, if anyone has any experiance with it, i'd like feedback. Thanks.

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