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Friday, April 9th, 2004

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LVM2 Root in Gentoo
I have a system running 2.6.4 which was built with a gentoo stage1. I dug up a copy of lvmcreate_initrd and had it create an initrd. After a couple of failed boot attempts and subsequent hacking, I have something which should work.

Alas, I have this problem: "devfs_mk_dir: invalid argument".

This is caused by vgcfgrestore. The /etc/lvm in the initrd is the same /etc/lvm in my partition. /var is a tmpfs (so it can lock). It's run with a -f /etc/lvmcfgbackup which I created under the boot CD.

I've tried this approach. I've tried running vgscan. I've tried running vgchange -a y boogeyroot.

1) Has anyone had any success with an LVM2 root?
2) Does anyone have a functioning ramdisk for it?
3) What should I do to resolve the problem I'm having?

Answering (1 and 2) or 3 will earn my gratitude.
.net for linux
Has anyone tried .net on linux?

Which one better?
linux, firefox, kmail, mozilla
Question about Kmail versions 1.55-1.61 and Firefox 0.8

Running Knoppix 3.3 - debian testing/unstable
Installed Mozilla Firefox 0.8 in homedirectory

I found a number of startup scripts that check if firefox is running and run  it with the -remote command. But the one for Mozilla 1.6,
installed in /usr/bin/mozilla, works for Firefox just as well,
if you change some variables:


Anyway, the mozilla script now
runs Firefox instead of Mozilla 1.6.

This script works great from the desktop shortcut,
from konqueror Filemanagement (pops up the browser
for HTML messages)... all places but Kmail
When I click links from Kmail, I get this error message:

"The file /home/ezust/.kde/share/apps/kgmexec/tmp/22119.0.hts.exe cannot be found. please check the location and try again."

And then after I click OK, it runs the browser but the browser
opens to an empty page. And I check, the file is indeed gone.

Unlike other programs which seem to run the browser script directly, Kmail loads data from the URL and caches it locally, removing images and other things. When I use with mozilla 1.6, it does display pages,
minus images and sometimes broken links. But at least it
displays a version of the page

But it seems as if Kmail deletes the cached page before Firefox
has a chance to see it. Bug in Kmail?

Is there a way of switching off this caching behavior on Kmail
and just opening the browser directly?

Is there a proper startup-script for firefox that works well with kmail?
I decided to boot one more time into RH before installing Debian. I got the system up and working pretty fast, but one thing I never managed to solve. That was the update.

Somehow whenever I try to connect to the RH network and set up an account, I would get an error message at the end of the setup, telling me that there was something wrong with SSL. Https works fine nonetheless. :s

Meh, not that it really matters anymore (I'm switching to Debian anyway), but I'd like to know if anyone ever had a similar problem and how they solved it.

Thx in advance...

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