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Thursday, April 8th, 2004

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In looking for different ways of organizing all my thoughts, notes, quotes, writings etc, I've stumbled across two programs: one called The Literary Machine and another called The Brain. A very simple (in my own words) summary of both is that they're relational (or maybe "associative" is a better word) databases that allow you to store information and link it together in user-defined ways.

However, neither of them are open source or even run on a *nix platform. Can anyone recommend similar software? I've tried to search places like sourceforge.net, freshmeat.net, and google searches without much luck.

To save some suggestions, I'll mention that I've also thought about running a Wiki on a home machine for private use but am trying to explore other options.

Thanks for reading.
i want to get rid of windows for good...
alright... i am running mandrake 10 and am dual booting with windows xp. i'd like to rid myself of windows, but i can't do it because i have spent tons of money on games and on a tv card that i would really like to use/play, but don't too much because rebooting and switching to windows is a pain, and i hate it.

so, i need some help. i need a tv program that will work with mandrake 10 (kde or gnome, but preferably kde) and that i don't have to config too much to get it to work... and it will work very well! (sorry, i'm demanding because i had bad luck with one tv app that someone preached about for weeks and it turned out it sucked...) btw: my card is an ati tv-wonder ve pci card, running off of an antenna...

ok, as for games... all are written for windows, and i'd like to play most, if not all, or the following (and some others i may be forgetting...)

tonyhawk pro skater 2 & 3
need for speed 3 & 4
quake 2 & 3
unreal tournament (yes i know there are linux versions of this and quake, but i haven't gotten them to work...)
and, some ea sports games (soccer, hockey, etc.)

should i use wine? and if so, where do i get it and make it work without too much trouble... (i've heard you need a win98 disc, and i do have a legit one, but i think i may have lost the code for it - but i have one i downloaded)

or, should i use crossover office? that costs $$$, but i've heard good things.

thank you so much in advance,
hahaha, awesome!
"Steve Ballmer (right), the boss of Microsoft, the Redmond-based software giant that, in the Valley's popularity polls, runs neck-and-neck with the antichrist."

read - from slashdot...

that's definitely the quote of the day!

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