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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004

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Good p2p client, for music.(or at least has a good selection of music on it)
Due to my current unfortunate situation,(read my journal to find out about that... it's a whole 'nother can of worms.) I am unable to use my home computer (with all my music on it) which I ran gentoo, with pysoulseek installed and running properly.

I googled and tried many of the results.. but none seem to be working properly. Pysoulseek which I really really enjoy, wasn't working (couldn't find the python 2.3 which I reinstalled, and even pointed pysoulseek to it's path).

I also searched the community for posts on this topic. p2p clients. I am about to try mldonkey.. but I'd still like more input.

I have tried..
-Bittorrent (it's good for downloading full albums, not single mp3s, IMHO)
-limewire ( it was a last resort.. sigh.)

[edit] I am on slackware 9.1 right now, erm.. tgz, tar.gz, tar, gz, bz2 are welcome... binaries are bothersome on this, even after chmod u+x (I don't know why, but they are). RPM's welcome too.

Current Mood: stressed
Camorama question
I'm trying to find some webcam software that will work with my old Brooktree capture card. Camorama looks rather nifty, but there's a little problem -- the card defaults to PAL and I have an NTSC webcam. The camera works fine in Xawtv after I set things up and saved my configuration, but I can't figure out how to do this in Camorama since there's no documentation.

Anyone have any ideas? Any help is much appreciated.
While this is not Linux specific, I figure someone here might beable to help me.

On a VERY limited budget I'm trying to create some system redundancy.

The core of this is a ping script. Let's say I have two duplicate webservers (systems A and B)with unique ip's of and In DNS I have the name for the webserver pointed at The idea is both A and B will ping the .3 address, and if the ping fails they alias the address to their NIC. The idea being that if one goes down, the other will assume the server role in a minute or less.

The question I have is, how long does it usually take switches to relearn what IP's are on what ports? Right now we are looking at using an 8 port Linksys router, but I don't see that it has port mirrorring, so I need to find out if it takes 30 seconds to relearn (acceptable) or 15 minutes (not acceptable).

0.0000001 processor usage
So I'm part of the technical team setting up a new helpdesk service. We've got these four machines, 3GHz, 512MB RAM, 30GB HD, and all they'll be doing is running a web browser for our ticketing system. Obviously there's a lot of power/storage that will go largely unused, and I'd like to change that.

I was looking at clustering using OpenMosix, which would allow us to parcel out our one really processor-intensive task, but that would leave all that hard drive space unused.
I've also set up LTSP at another facility before, and it could work here, allowing the drives to be used elsewhere. But the CPUs would be sitting idle almost all the time.

Any suggestions from the linux crowd? Do one, the other, both (is it possible), or something else?
xfree86 version number...
i'm trying to download the drivers from ati for my radeon 9000pro video card... and it has 3 different downloads, one for 3 different versions of xfree86.

i can't remember which i am running...

is there a console command i can run to find out?

(i'm running mandrake 10, kde 3.2...)

firefox is messed up...
i just installed firefox 0.8 (from an rpm i found) on my mandrake10 box... kde 3.2... etc.

i tried to install 3 themes, because i was just checkin them out... and now, the app won't run. i get an error that says:

"Error loading browser window:no XBL binding for browser"

WTF?! is there a way i can repair the package? or do something to fix it? i removed it and reinstalled, but this still happens...

kerberos tickets on login
OKay, i'm having a hell of a time with this. I posted earlier about authenticating on login to a win2k AD Domain Controller in fedora, and I got that working fine with winbind.

So, I can use user accounts on the win2k server from this machine. Sweet.

Now, I would like my users to be able to access samba shares on that server without having to retype their passwords. How can I get a kerberos ticket on logon automatically? I can force kinit to run on logon, but this would require them to type their password another time, and that seems silly and redundant.

I'm not having any luck with pam_krb5.so, or at least i'm confused about the order of things in the pam.d/login.

Thanks for your help in advance.
Migration to dbmail.
So, I run a small scale mail server, mostly my own accounts and a couple of listservs. The setup is postfix, courier-imap and drac, with mailman handling lists, users authenticated to a mysql database. My .maildir is a few hundred megs and many thousands of files. My problem is that doing any kind of search or mailbox manipulation takes for-freaking-ever.. I'm thinking its a filesystem thing, though I was under the impression that reiserfs excels at handling many small files. I've looked into the dbmail project.

If migration of messages is as simple as migrating my .mbox files to .maildir (Downloading all the messages over pop3 to eudora, then moving them back to the server over IMAP), I'm seriously considering the switch. Does anyone have any experience with dbmail? I believe I'll need to use postfix as my MTA, with a dbmail injector script instead of postfix's built in .maildir support. Would it be difficult to migrate my existing database over? (Everything's in SQL, transports, aliases, virtuals, users, the whole shebang.) I'm basically hoping it will replace courier (fare thee well) as my IMAP/POP3 daemon, while keeping the rest of my mail system intact.

Oh, does dbmail play nice with PAM? I've got pam_mysql working now, so if it does, it should be easy sailing.

and does anyone know how to interface mutt to imap? I don't like pine.

(Or would my time be better spent reformatting /home as xfs? I'm open to suggestions.)
XFree86's license violates GPL?
Okay, I specifically remember reading something earlier that I can’t find the URL of. But it said that as of version 4.4, XFree86’s license is no longer GPL-compatible. Is this true?

(Edit: Searched for it on the Gentoo Forums and read about it there too)

So what I am I going to use for GUI now?

Current Mood: contemplative, and slightly worried

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