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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004

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so, i was complaining about a fedora install on a dual boot machine with winxp.

i found out my problem, i took the secondary harddrive out, and it works like a dream.

I <3 my fedora
Magic Online (MTG) on Wine
I am curious if anybody is using or has tried running Magic Online through Wine. While I am very comfortable with Linux, I'm a total newbie on using Wine. Really, I've never had a Windows program I couldn't find an alternative for. MTG Online is the exception. As far as I know, they don't intend to ever create a non-Windows version of it. I tried installing the setup.exe using Wine, and while it starts, it crashed after unpacking files. Then I copied the entire directory from a Windows computer to my Linux box and tried running the magic.exe, the main program, with Wine. It opens up as normal, except I can't see any of the text. Almost I seem to be missing one button.

Any wisdom out there?
Glasnov ultra
Remove Linux and install Windows XP, in three easy pages of directions, just follow the steps listed here.

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