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Friday, April 2nd, 2004

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quick question for SuSE people out there...
Since SuSE 9.1 will have the 2.6 kernel, will it support HFS Extended? what about journaled HFS+ partitions?

I ask this because I am interested in being able to use my iPod with my linux box, without having to reformat it to FAT (ick ick ick!). Also, i'd be able to connect my Powerbook to it via FireWire Target Mode (which, may I say, is pretty damn slick).

I need for force myself back onto my linux box... My powerbook is so damn nice though!

"Better of Two Evils" by Marilyn Manson

Current Mood: curious
i need a new distro... i'd like something really easy to set up, and comes with lots of sweet apps!
i'm currently running mandrake 10.0... i used mandrake 9.1/9.2 for a while (about 6 months), before that i used fedora core 1.

i need to find a new distro, one that i can do a lot with (aesthetically, and functionally) like mandrake, because it's so easy, but i need things to actually work, unlike things often are in mandrake... (this is all hard to explain without going into specifics, but i figured i'd spare you all the pages and pages of that...)

has anyone tried fedora core 2 test 2? i liked 1, but i had driver issues and a couple other problems... i'm wondering how stable and well-setup ver. 2-test2 is...

i've heard, and seen amazing things about gentoo, but i was, aparently, too retarded to install it, because i couldn't figure it out... i actually have the cd's right here, but i couldn't figure out how to load it onto my machine and have it run graphically, as i am not so hawt with unix/commandline yet...

help! (if you can)

Anyone know how to enter Unicode "special" characters from the keyboard within OpenOffice Writer, without opening the Special Characters dialog?

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